Business Plan for a Supermarket in Nigeria

Supermarket Business Plan In Nigeria 2024 Sample

Business Plan for a Supermarket in Nigeria – The Nigeria business circle is a tough environment for a new business venture, especially when proper planning is not in place for proper take off.

Starting up a business venture in Nigeria requires that you consider every available factor.

These factors include the following;

  • Controllable
  • Uncontrollable

Controllable factors – Controllable such as the state where the business will be sited, location within the state, the potential markets for the business, capital to begin and sustain the business before the business starts making profits etc, and then others

Uncontrollable factors – These factors should also be put into consideration, factors like government policies, laws governing the business, climate etc.

The supermarket business in a country like Nigeria requires all that is listed above and even more. Preparation is important in order to ensure your supermarket business becomes a success in Nigeria. Much more than starting a supermarket business, a business thrives if it attracts customers, customers who will bookmark your business and will always return for more services. It simply implies that your supermarket business will stay alive when it retains it’s customers while attracting new ones.

One needs to understand how this works before attempting to start up. And that is where a Business Plan comes in. The question one may ask is “How will a business plan help me in setting up my Supermarket business in Nigeria?”… the answer to that question begins with knowing what a plan is in the first place and then adding business to the plan.

In a nutshell, the Supermarket Business Plan gives you an expo on information about the supermarket line of business in a country like Nigeria. Information they say is power, having a Supermarket Business Plan gives you an edge, and it will give you a sense of not jumping into a business you know nothing about.

The business plan gives you an estimated picture of investments and profits to be made, and also you can use the business plan to source for fund (LOANS) from investors or corporate bodies, since the information contained in it gives detailed analysis of the business.

Starting A Profitable Supermarket Business In Nigeria

Every business entrepreneur who ventures into a business does so with profit making as the major priority, hence the question of why BUSINESS as against any other adventure has been answered. Now how do you make profit from supermarket business in Nigeria, going with the fact that there are a whole lot of factors that can work against the business success?

One way to be a step closer is having access to a well written feasibility study, a study that outlines those important supermarket business secrets and how to successfully open and run a super market in Nigeria.

Here we have a feasibility studies that answers your question on how to start your own supermarket. It cover every possible analysis on capital required for a supermarket start up, both mini supermarket and a scale supermarket business in Nigeria. With this PDF file, you will have the Business Plan super market business plan manual at your disposal, you can then start up your own supermarket business in Nigeria.

Uses of supermarket Business Plan in Nigeria

This business plan manual can be used for so many things apart from just starting up a business, these includes;

  • Application for Social Grant
  • Requesting for Bank Loans or advances
  • With the details in this business plan, one can use it as a business Proposal
  • Information contained it the PDF can also serve as a Business Concept

With the supermarket Business Plan, one can boost of having a plan, the only thing needed will be the implementation of steps outlined in the manual.

BUY YOUR own Supermarket Business Plan In Nigeria or Feasibility Study in PDF file. Simply order yours by paying N10,000 to

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Most supermarket fail because they are either badly run or the foundation on which it was built on is faulty. As earlier stated on this post, there are factors that must be put into consideration before a super market business can thrive, these factors will be listed and explained for better implementation. See below;

Write a Business Plan – Supermarket business is a complicated one, a business that requires a compete commitment from the owner. To be committed, one has to know what he/she is committing to, and as such the need to have an outline to follow becomes important. An outline can be inform of business plan, with this you have an idea of the business, the capital to be invested, know the products to be sold, know the customer base etc. A well written business plan gives you carpet information.

Register The Business – A business is considered as an entity if it becomes registered by law. Most times entrepreneurs seems to ignore the importance of having their business registered, a simple visit to the Corporate Affairs Commission Office in any of the cities in Nigeria, you can have your business registered, getting registered helps you to secure your business name, business brand and business logo. After registering your business a license will be issued in that respect.

Be Cautious Of Your Competitors – The supermarket business is a competitive one, it is even easy to notice the competitive nature, most streets in Nigeria today have more than one small scale supermarket, hence, to compete effectively and efficiently, you must ensure you follow all the guidelines listed on the supermarket business plan. You don’t want to start on a bad note, or maybe starting and then fading away within a short period.

Zoning Policy – In a country like Nigeria, the zoning policy factor is an important one, before setting up your supermarket in any of the cities in Nigeria, make you the best information as it concerns the policies of the area, there are some places in this country where alcohol beverages are not sold, in fact it is against the law in such areas. A supermarket owner who didn’t factor in the zoning poly before setting up the business will have some issues with the authority.

Business Location – In setting up any type of business, the location where the business will be sited is an important factor. The location of the business will also determine capital employed, take for example; it will cost more to set up a super market business in Lagos state or Abuja (FCT) than it will cost to set up in Ekiti state.

Population – The survival of a business venture like supermarket depends on the daily patronage enjoyed by the business, hence setting up your business in an environment with high density of people will be the way to go.

Have A Functional Warehouse – Every serious supermarket owner must have a warehouse where products are kept, they should also have a supermarket items list where all they need are listed out. You wouldn’t want to compete with big brands such as ShopRite, Games or even Roban Stores without having a warehouse. The purpose of having a warehouse to buy your goods in bulk, display at your supermarket and keep the remaining in your warehouse, once the ones in your supermarket is sold out, you can get more of the same item from your warehouse. The warehouse is not supposed to be empty at any time, leaving your warehouse empty will only make you to be stranded, especially when a customer desires a product you do not have.

Your Supermarket Should Be Visible And Accessibility – The supermarket business is one that must not be hidden, it at all, it should be strategically located in a place where all and sundry can see and then have access to it, being visible to the public is one way to guarantee loads of customers.

Have A Reliable Commodity Suppliers – For a supermarket that is billed to serve a large population, should have a commodity supplier who will supply all the needed goods, preferably, manufacturers or have a direct link with the distributor. You should have goodwill with long list of commodity suppliers, this is to avoid disappointment from any, when one fails, you quickly call the other.

Electricity – A business such as supermarket business requires constant electricity, this means you must ensure constant power either through paid power supply or a generator set. This will keep your food items in good conditions especially those perishable ones.

Employees – Employ qualified cashiers or Accountants who can use the Automated Machine for cashiers and also an accountant who knows accounting bookkeeping, financial recordings and other accounting procedures, this will in fact reduce theft, misappropriation of fund etc

Employees Training – After employing your staff, take a step further by training them on the running of the supermarket. Training on customer service etc.

Storage Precision – You don’t want to mess up your expensive commodity by wrongly storing them all in the same place. Take for example, storing up Organic Food like raw vegetable and fresh fruits in the same space with cosmetics such as body lotion, hair relaxing cream or even hair cream. Proper demarcation will help you to preserve your goods.

An Estimated List of Commodity To Stock Up Your Supermarket

Food Items – Food items are in different categories, ensure that all the food item listed are stored separately (i) Diary & Poultry Products – these includes food item like Meat, cheese, milk, eggs, etc. (ii) Stem & seedling Food Stuffs, these includes the following; Yam, Potatoes, Rice, flour, beans, banana, plantain etc. (iii) Organic Food item like Fresh fruits, raw vegetables etc. (iv) Food drinks, these includes Drinks which include Dry gin, soft drinks, wines, fruit juice etc

Canned Foods items – These include – Canned sauce, Tin/Canned Tomatoes, canned beans, Sardines, canned beans, canned milk etc.

Cosmetics And Other beauty enhancement Products – Hair cream, body lotions, make-up kits, Hair extensions, shaving lotion, hair relaxing creams etc

Pharmaceutical Products – These includes Hydrogen peroxide, hand gloves, first aid kits, Condoms etc.

Wears – These includes Wrist watches, pendants, ear rings, skirts, necklaces, Suits, underwear, jackets, sweaters, shirts, pajamas, male and female sandals, boots, slipper, Loafers etc.

Packaged Items – these includes bread, sweets, assorted biscuits, snacks etc.

Kitchen utensils –  These includes Plates, spoons, pots, pans, cutleries, stoves, gas burner, dish washers, toasters, etc.

Toys – Mainly for kids

Electronics – These includes Television sets, Phones, laptops, DVD players etc.

Sports Equipment – Such as board games, dumbbells, Skipping rope, running shoes, static bicycles, etc.

Toiletries – These includes Soaps, tissue paper/Toilet rolls, hand napkins, Face towels, Shampoos etc.

Seasonal Products – like Gifts card for celebrations, Christmas gifts, anniversaries gifts, birthday’s gifts, etc.

Household decoration Products like flower vases, fittings, shoe bags, foot mat, portable wardrobes, etc.

BUY YOUR own Supermarket Business Plan In Nigeria or Feasibility Study in PDF file. Simply order yours by paying N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Account Name – Okite Joseph ikenna

Account No – 0044083736

Once payment is made for the Supermarket Business Plan In Nigeria, send the following (i) a valid email address and (ii) your payment details to any of these numbers – 07039768549.

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