Daycare Business Plan in Nigeria

Daycare Business Plan in Nigeria + Financial Projection (2024 Sample)

Daycare Business Plan in Nigeria – In starting a Daycare Business in Nigeria, there are a few things you need to bring into perspective, but first, this day care business plan in Nigeria can be used for several other purposes, among which includes sourcing for loans from banks, application for grant as well as business proposals.

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The daycare system was introduced when working class parents started staying out longer hours than they could imagine, most of these parents leave for their various offices by 7:00am and then return in the evening, they mostly have little or no time to be around to take care of their kids, and again getting house help may really have not been of help to most of these families.

And to most of these families, it was a great initiative for the introduction of daycare system. Starting a daycare institution comes with its challenges. These challenges comes from taking care of other peoples kids, it could be stressful, however being dedicated to the task, as well as being patient and showing love will go a long way.

Starting up can be hectic, you know with convincing parents that you are the right daycare for their kids, you can actually commence activities from your home, most of these daycare ventures do, especially if you have space that can take as much, all you will need in this regard is a little upgrade to the space, by getting some kiddies stuff.

Starting Your DayCare – What You Need

I’ve carefully listed below a few things that will make your effort fruitful, simply follow in no particular order;

You Need A Business Plan – I usually advise any entrepreneur that wants to go into business that what they need first is to write a plan of business, it should be there manual and guild line, our daycare business plan in Nigeria should do the magic for you, since it contains important information such as financial projection, market analysis, competition analysis etc, however, if you have the skill of writing you get go ahead and write what can help you set up your own day care…. order our daycare business plan now!

Choose A Day Care Name – Usually, this should be very much attractive to the parents, since it is up to them to chose where their kids go to, however, if you choose a name like Glorious Day Care, be sure that your services matches the name.

Registration & Licensing – Now that you have chosen a name, you need to register it as a business at the corporate affairs commission, and then proceed to getting your licensing, of cause every daycare gets their permission from government agencies, this agency will carry out check at your daycare facility to see if it is up to standard, the Ministry of women affairs has been given the responsibility in this regard.

Market Survey – Already there are other day care in the country or better still in your city of residence, what you have to do here is to carry out a market research on these other daycare centers in Nigeria or in the city where you reside. This will help or give you an idea in knowing what you have to be doing as regards your own day, check other their staff recruitment style, equipment etc they operate in.

Location – Strategically selecting a location helps a lot when setting up a daycare center, one of the best choices is setting up in an area where there is a lot of working class parents, where they can easily drop their kids while going out and then and can also easily pick them up while coming back from work.

Get Your Day Care Well Equip – There are little stuffs that will make the running of the center from day to day to be a lot easier, below are some of those that you should never lack;

  • Toys (both outdoors and indoor
  • Foam and mats for seating and sleeping
  • Children’s books
  • Baby toiletries
  • Drawing and writing materials like crayon, color pencils, painting brushes etc

Other type of equipment you will need are;

  • Office equipment which includes tables, chairs, writing materials etc
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Children entertainment like Television, DVD players and DVDs with kiddies sing-a longs materials)

Employ Qualified Staff – After your survey of other day care centers, you must have learnt one or two things in staff recruitment, one thing I’m sure is, you must carry out a thorough background check on anyone you have plans of employing. Preferably, employ experienced and trained personnel who have a record with taking care of kids. Note – your employees can either make or ruin your business.

Staff salaries, Daycare fees and advertisement – Design a salary structure that will both be favorable to both you and your staff, a work force that is not well paid is a disgruntled work force. From your research, you world have know what other daycare centers charge, or from your daycare business  plan in Nigeria, you must have estimated a fair fee which parents will not consider to be outrageous. Finally, you can publicize your daycare on the different platforms from social media, radio and flyers etc.

Hurry now, GET YOUR DAY CARE CENTER BUSINESS PLAN. To place an order, pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Account Name – Okite Joseph ikenna

Account No – 0044083736

After paying for your day care center Business In Nigeria Feasibility/Business Plan, send your email and payment details to 07039768549.

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