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Cinema Business Plan In Nigeria 2024 PDF File

Cinema & Movie Theatre Business Plan in Nigeria – How to Start a Cinema in Nigeria? Do you know that as an individual you can actually start up your own cinema? Have a registered name, rent a space, pay for adverts, employ workers and then premier some of the top movie in Nollywood as well as Hollywood or any other movie outside of the country around the world. The idea is having your cinema licensing in Nigeria.

The cinema business in Nigeria has not be exploited to its potentials, this is because, a visit to most of the cities in Nigeria will tell you that, for a long period of time, spanning over 3 years after Genesis came and left, Enugu city has not enjoy the glamour of having a functional cinema where families can go and have a good time. Although the city has witnessed the birth and demise of other small movie theater, where movie businesses are conducted.

During the era of drought In Enugu (cinema drought) I got a cinema business plan in Nigeria, my plan was to exploit the available opportunity by setting up outdoor cinema business or maybe a mini movie theater business, where I’ll rent an open space with good looking decorations, I didn’t fulfill that plan because I got called up for service in Jigawa state. I really understood the concept of setting up such business and in a place where people where city dwellers were begging just one cinema, no matter how small it may be. You see, a business plan could make the work a lot more easier, having identified what your plans are;

Order a copy of our cinema business plan in Nigeria and feasibility study. To get yours, pay N30,000 to:

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Account Name – Okite Joseph ikenna

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How Lucrative Is Cinema Business In Nigeria

Going by the short illustration I made above, it is clear as to what the business is all about, entertainment, and for a country like Nigeria where entertainment seems to be the highest paying job and everyone seems to be interested in the industry, cinema business should be one of the businesses in the industry making you the money, alongside clothing, makeup etc.

The first coming of cinema in Enugu had Genesis cinema behind it, I saw how people were trooping to the Enugu Polo Park just to go see their favorite movie. The fun thing about it is that most people even stay back to watch other movies, some even buy tickets of movies they have seen before, it made me understand that there was a thirst for this kind of business in the city, that alone prompted me to go buy a cinema business plan in Nigeria after the exit of Genesis cinema in Enugu.

Three years down the line, viva cinema stated operation in Enugu, one of the things I noticed again is the enthusiasm in patronizing the business once again, here we have a different brand but the same level of patronage, point here is that its isn’t even about the name or brand, it has everything to do with the service on offer, this simply means that there is an avenue for a new cinema to be introduced into the market, this is just Enugu, other big towns like, Ado-Ekiti, Akure, Aba as well as towns and cities in Nigeria needs this brand of entertainment.

With a population of over 180 million people, where 70% of that population are mostly young people and are highly interested in the entertainment industry, this can only mean one, there will be high patronage. There is however, doubt as to why people will leave the comfort of their homes just to go out there to see a movie at the cinema, truth is, I used to think that way until I went to see the movie “London Has fallen”… I had seen it before, but the experience in itself made it look as if I was seeing it for the first time.

List Of Cinema Business In Nigeria

There is a long list of various cinemas in Nigeria, you could actually model your business after, here are the top four in Nigeria;

  • Ozone cinemas
  • Genesis cinemas
  • Silver bird cinemas
  • Viva cinemas

What You Need To Get Started With Your Cinema

One of the questions I’ve been asked a few times is how much does it cost to start a cinema in Nigeria business in Nigeria? A whole lot goes into setting up a cinema, with the reviews on our cinema business plan in Nigeria sample PDF, you will get an estimate on cinema start up costs, however, here are a few requirements for Starting a Cinema business in Nigeria;

Select Your Cinema Name – Just like the ones listed above, they all have one thing in common, and that is the fact that they have catchy names, from Ozone to VIVA to Silver birds, and Genesis. These names are catchy, easy to remember and memorize, a name like Zenith Cinemas will do wonders, it is important you choose a single word name.

Location: Majority if not all the cinemas I’ve been to have their location at either a shopping mall or an outright building meant strictly for cinema business, to be better placed, the city center should be your first point of call when starting your cinema, the essence for this is to be easily located, and when anyone wants to give description, they can do so with ease, at the end of day, cashing out is the aim.

Business Registration and branding: Just like other cinema outfits out there, they come with their names and logo brands that are already registered at the Corporate affairs Commission (CAC), this ensures that your business becomes a legal entity eligible for business in Nigeria.

Employing Qualified Personnel – At the VIVA, Silver bird and Genesis cinemas where I’ve been to, one of the things I noticed is the level of efficiency in the workforce, this only tells of their professionalism, in the same line of thought, it has made their businesses to thrive, having qualified individuals who you can still train at your own will can help you to maintain your customer base.

Marketing And Advertisement – This is key also, a few years ago when Genesis first came into Enugu, there was a continuous publication going on via radio stations in the city, almost every bill board (electronic and manual) all had their advert, same thing happened when VIVA came into town, they were marketing their products months even before their arrival.

Equipment: The basic equipment required includes a standby alternative power supply (A generator), a Projector/ screens for visual pictures, a surrounding sound systems etc.

Build Up Partnership – Most movie maniac usually go into the hall with drinks, pop corn, snacks etc, it will be wise to strike a deal with individuals or brands that will be in charge of the Snack or Food and simply have a stand for such.

On a final note, cinema business has come to stay since it has the potentials to thrive, simply get a cinema business plan in Nigeria PDF file today and start planning you new business venture.

Order a copy of our cinema business plan in Nigeria and feasibility study. To get yours, pay N30,000 to:

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Account Name – Okite Joseph ikenna

Account No – 0044083736

After payment, send your name, email address and “cinema business plan in Nigeria” to 07039768549, Your cinema business plan will be sent to you 15 minutes after payment. Thank you.

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