Plantain Farming Business Plan in Nigeria

Plantain Farming Business Plan in Nigeria 2024 DOC

The business of farming plantain in Nigeria is not a poplar farming business that you might associate with many farming ventures or business.

In recent years many farmers have placed more of their focus on farming products such as rice farming, cassava farming, etc while majority are engaged in livestock farming such as cattle farming, fish farming, snail farming, poultry farming etc.

The truth is that, not so many people know the potentials in farming plantain. Plantain farming business in Nigeria is arguably one of the most lucrative cash crop today, has the same if not a better cash retentive potential that cassava or yam. This explains why many farmers are beginning to farming plantain. Although, the technique to farming plantain is no longer a secret, but it is advisable to venture into plantain farming with a plan, preferably a plantain farming business plan in Nigeria will be a good way to start.

A business plan for plantain plantation gives you a headway on what is required to succeed in cultivating plantain. Another important thing to note is other end products of plantain which even makes it more attractive. Do you know that plantain can be processed into plantain floor? Today we have plantain floor production, in this order, these plantain is processed using a mechanized process. A look at some of the biggest and largest plantain plantation in Nigeria will tell you the potentials in the business.

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With our cost analysis for plantain plantation, which is in our plantain farming business plan in Nigeria, you get to easily navigate the procedure to setting up your farm. The question of how lucrative a plantain business is in Nigeria shouldn’t discourage you, the end products of plantain has made even desirable the more and since it is another option for protein, many Nigerians now prefer swallow made with plantain floor or the new one which is also known as the Plantain flakes, I learnt it could be used for weight loss program since it doesn’t contain loads of starch just we have in poundo yam etc.

Some of the questions you could answer using our plantain farming business plan in Nigeria includes how many acres of land you require for your plantain farming, how to start plantain business in Nigeria, even this articles has a section where you will get tips on how to write a business plan on plantain plantation.

Fun Fact About Plantain Farming In Nigeria

It’s a known fact that plantain is not your every day meal in most Nigeria families, in fact the level of consumption cannot equal that of say yam or cassava. But the thing is that plantain gives you an option of a protein meal even without having to consume meat. There are load of meals that could be prepared using the plantain flavor. To start your own plantain farming business, you need capital, structure and method you can adopt in order to continually maintain the plantation. On this post, our concentration will be on how you can strategically start your own plantain business in Nigeria.

Plantain Market And Business Potential

Earlier on this article, I stated plantain farming business is one of the most lucrative business one can venture into in Nigeria. This statement is based on the level of consumption of plantain products. Plantain end products is consumed by large number of people, some of the end products of plantain includes, plantain chips, plantain floor, bole (roasted plantain), cooked plantain, fried plantain which is the most common, most people prefer it raw as it can be consumed in its raw state. There are a lot more ways plantain can be consumed.

This is an indication that the demand for plantain will always be there, hence there is the need for supply to equal demand at all times. One unique feature about the Nigerian market is that it has all the characteristics of a market, there are usually no monopoly for commercial farm products like plantain, there are ready made buyers, a part from families there are buyers such as those in the restaurant business, roadside food vendor, Hotels etc. in essence, the chances of selling off your plantain farm product is high and the possibility of attracting new buyers will always be there.

Factors To Consider Before Going Into Plantain farming Business In Nigeria

Just as we have with any other farming business, there are hindrances, setbacks, challenges that every farmer will face, these challenges will determine how successful you will be with your plantain plantation business. Of a truth, everything that has an advantage has its disadvantages, here are some of the obstacle you get to face as a farmer in Nigeria,

  • Sourcing Of Capital – Do you know that one of the most difficult position to be in as a business person in Nigeria is the position of not having your capital, sourcing of fund could be also difficult, in the case of plantain farming, you will need a well written plantain business plan or a plantain farming business plan in Nigeria, with a well analyzed financial projection as well as cost implication, most bank offer loans to entrepreneurs who have good business plans.
  • Lack Of Storage facilities – This is where most Nigerian farmers have deficiencies in, due to lack of storage facilities, most perishable products such as plantain will not be sold at the right price, they most of the time lose their market value, customers price these farm produce below its value and farmers are forced to sell due to the fact that a facility where these products will be kept is not available. It is important to make available a storage space even before you start.
  • Pest And Diseases – The pest and diseases challenge is a universal challenge every other farmer other faces. However, there are remedies to this challenge, the use of pest control which are in use in most mechanized farms, using pest control in farms has become a normal method of protecting your farm products from harm, ensure you follow the laid down procedure in order not to harm you crop.
  • Transportation And Logistics – The issue of moving from one location to another has always been a challenge in Nigeria, due to the high number of roads which are not motorable, farmers are most time in the receiving end of this misfortune, imagine after harvesting your crops, you will need to transport these farm produce to either the market where it will be sold or to the barn or storage house, but then the road is not good for transport, this does not only affect the farming business, it also has a negative effect on transportation business in Nigeria. As a result of this challenges, transporting produce to market or store house has become more expensive and in most cases, farmers use the option of selling at their farm land instead of going to the market.
  • Securing farmlands – Our plantain farming business plan in Nigeria covers for at least 50 acres of land, now securing that large space of land requires a lot, except you are using the land you must have inherited from your family, except that securing farm lands can as well be a huge task. In order not to be stranded, securing a farm land should be among the first things you should do, this is to avoid being frustrated with the whole process.

Cost Analysis Plantain Plantation In 12 months

When calculating for your plantain plantation business, you also have to include the possible damages which should be up to 5% Damage/Mortality during the period of harvest, have in mind that if for example you have 39,200 Plantain Stand, this means that 1960 bunches out of the 39,200 will be estimated for possible damage. Then 37,240 bunches will be estimated for a possible harvest per cycle. The price of a bunch goes for at least N500 it could be, because I have seen a bunch sold at N1,500.

How Much You Can Make

As I have explained earlier that farming plantain is one of the most lucrative business today; by estimate, a bunch of plantain could be sold at say between N300 to N1000, Some Could Be Sold For Higher Price Can Be Sold To Market Women Directly. For example, lets say a bunch is sold at N300 multiply it by with your estimated harvest as sighted earlier on the post, which is 37,240 Bunches, you will earn the sum of N11, 172, 000. Note that you must have to factor in things like the running cost of the farm.

How Can I Start Plantain Business In Nigeria

Plantain farming requires big capital, you could either request for loan from banks or other cooperatives using our plantain farming business plan in Nigeria or you can ask your rich friends for financial assistance, not only is the business capital intensive, the profit margin is also on the high side, however, below are some of the things you should include or consider when you want to start your plantain farming business in Nigeria;

  • Get a business plan – This is paramount when it comes to stating up a business, every other move you make depends on what you have written in your business plan in Nigeria. A business plan is assumed to carry every information needed to set up a business, the financial implication, the number of workers to employ, the location to set up the business, the equipment to acquire etc. A business plan has to be comprehensive so as to provide all that is required information, in the case of plantain farming business plan, you need to know the kind of soil where you can plant, and most preferable if the swampy land will be preferred.
  • Raise a capital – We already mentioned the possibility of obtaining loan either from the bank or from the government as they will be willing to help new plantain farmers. Your business plan could have a start up fund of up to five million Naira (N10,000,000), it could be more or less, however, it all depends on the size of land to be cultivated.
  • Location – This precisely should be a large portion of land; at least an acre should be OK for start, since you stand a chance of harvesting large bunch of plantains… All things being equal! Also in respect to getting the best location, it has been advised to use a large area where you can plant for easy harvest. However, there is also a possibility of planting on smaller space, it all depends on your capital. Note that having a land that is fertile gives you a head ways in your adventure, ensure you carry out the necessary test in order to certify if the land is good for farming plantain. Most of the states in southern Nigeria have the soil for farming plantain, states such as Abia, Cross River, Delta, Ogun Edo etc have the required soil for  planting plantain, loamy soil with loads of organic matter will help you to farm healthy plantains. In situations where you land or location for your farming does not have the required nutrients, there is what we call land preparation, where you get to apply the organic or inorganic fertilizer.
  • Get Healthy Plantain Suckers – These suckers are the seeds or are like the seeds that are planted in order to harvest plantain. The suckers are common to those who farm plantain, hence they are to use those healthy ones, unhealthy suckers will only give you poor yields during harvest. Experience farmers will tell you that there are suckers that are diseases resistant, those are the type that gives you maximum result.

Other things that you should also do includes a systematic approach to pest control, weeding, application of fertilizer, how to market your plantain after harvesting and also how to pay your works since this is not a one man job.

GET YOUR PLANTAIN FARMING BUSINESS PLAN IN NIGERIA. To place an order, pay the sum of N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Account Name – Okite Joseph ikenna

Account No – 0044083736

After payment text your name, your e-mail address and bank teller number to 07039768549 and you’ll receive your plantain FARMING BUSINESS PLAN IN NIGERIA / FEASIBILITY STUDY.

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