Frozen Food Business Plan In Nigeria

Frozen Food Business Plan In Nigeria 2024 | Cold Room Feasibility Study

Herein contains a cold room or Frozen Food Business Plan/Feasibility study sample. This feasibility study was written to aid a lot of businesses.

The Nigerian market is one that is receptive to different types of business, as long as it is viable. One among the many businesses includes the cold room business. There are lots of reasons why cold room business has continued to grow, one of which is the limited access to fresh food, like fish, turkey, Beef etc.

Primarily, what these cold rooms do is to preserve the freshness of the food until when it will be consumed. In reality, frozen food business has become of the most lucrative business in the Nigerian market, there is no market that you go to you will not see at least 3 thriving frozen food business, with customers trooping in and out. The truth is, when food is involved, there will always be patronage, as long as your services come good and it is guaranteed.

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However, for a business to thrive there must be some certain level of commitment by the business owner that is to say with the combination of your hard work and the nature of people towards commodity business, you are likely to make it big in the business and again you need to understand how to start a frozen food business. Report has it that the business is becoming acceptable and more people are getting involved, and this alone has made the business to grow even further.

One of the advantages of running a business in Nigeria is the advantage of population, you have much more people willing to buy, that is why it seems even when more people are interested in a particular business, it still thrives, because most times, the businesses on ground that are meant to meet those demands are never enough, hence any new addition is likely to improve the services provided.

Many Nigerian families now reside in the urbanized areas, and most rural settlers are growing into urban area, the implication of this is that there will be shortage of fresh food, like I stated earlier, fresh food can be sort after from cold rooms, there are different categories of fish and birds you can get from these cold rooms, from chicken, turkey, gizzard, fish or other species like catfish of any kind etc.

The business is so lucrative that a kilogram of chicken is priced at N1,250, and the number of people at the frozen food shop will even amaze you, people weren’t even worried about the price but the quality of the frozen products, this simply depicts the nature of the urban life, where everyone is in a hurry with no time to waste.

Not everyone will have the patience to go wait for a live chicken to be killed and processed before taking it home. The frozen food Business plan in Nigeria gives you an edge while planning how to execute your business plan; the truth is that you need a plan to have a business of this nature to be set. Business plan entails proper evaluation of the business potentials and the possible growth when investment is made; another reason for going in with a plan is to ensure that your investment is wasted.

What You Need To Set Up A Cold Room Business

I have carefully outlined the things you will need to run a successful cold room business in Nigeria;

Write A Business Plan – This is obviously the first thing you should do as an entrepreneur, write a business plan, and then follow the plan the later. The essence of having a plan first is to avoid any kind of failure that may occur in the nearest future. This entails carrying out an extensive research and then writing a feasibility study to that effect, particularly on the subject frozen food business. A business plan for your cold room is the way to go for starters. There are no rules to writing a business plan, you can get one from a professional if you so wish.

Capital – To successfully establish a cold room business, you need adequate capital for starters. Capital employed will determine if the business is going to be on a large scale or on a small scale. The capital needed is not mainly for starting up the business, you need money to successfully run the business, you could use the frozen food business plan in Nigeria or feasibility study to seek for loan from any issuing house.

Decide on A Niche – You need to decide on the type of frozen food you want to be known with, there are large cold rooms that house nearly every type of frozen food, depending on your capacity, it is advisable to select the type of frozen food you will be dealing on especially those live stocks, we have the seafood, poultry birds, etc start with food that is in high demand and then continue to add to the list of the food on your sales list.

Location – That frozen food is in high demand doesn’t mean you should be difficult to locate, most of the cold rooms I know are usually located at either the market or a very visible area where it can be accessed easily. The idea is to maintain a high level of patronage.

Register With Relevant Association – One thing I have come to terms with is that in Nigeria, every business has its association, and to be safe in conducting your business, you need to register with the required association. This will to a very large extent help your business growth. Some of the notable association includes National foods and Drugs Control (NAFDAC), Ministry of health either at local, state or federal level, Standards Organisation Of Nigeria (SON). Register your business name with Corporate Affairs Commission. Ensure you pay up every kind of levy imposed on members; also pay up other levies imposed by the government.

Get A Storage System – Storage facilities are important to the survival of the business, get multiple deep freezers, this will be used to store food items. You business plan should itemize the type of freezing you want for your food, the normal freezer or the larger cold room with freezing system. Keeping the food freeze will ensure that the food continues to be fresh until customers buy. Note that bad storage facility could lead to bad food and could chase potential and old customers away.

Power Supply Generator – There must be constant power supply, since you are dealing with food that gets spoilt, if one of the food gets spoilt as a result of power outage, it could affect others in the same storage facility, hence the need to have alternatively power supply on standby.

Equipment Needed For Frozen Food Business in Nigeria – Here are some of the items you need to begin with; freezer, Knives, Table, Cabinet, Chisel, Wooden boards, Waste bin, Chair etc

Device a Customer Retention Strategy – The business has to make profit and the customers are the ones to ensure that profit is made, here is what you do, ensure that you know the kind of customers you want and then campaign towards having them come patronize you, this can be achieved through publicity via social media, fliers etc.

Finally, you need a frozen food business plan in Nigeria to have a proper frozen food business in place.

Hurry Now! Get the Complete and Updated Cold Room / Frozen Food Business Plan In Nigeria  (Including The Financial Projections), pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Account Name – Okite Joseph ikenna

Account No – 0044083736

Once payment is made for the Cold Room / Frozen Food Business Plan In Nigeria, send the following (i) a valid email address and (ii) your payment details to any of these numbers – 07039768549.

NOTE – It is important to note that the Business Plan for Frozen Food business PDF will immediately be sent to the email address after your payment has been confirmed. (Soft copy only).

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