How to Start a Cyber Cafe Business In Nigeria

How to Start a Cyber Cafe Business In Nigeria

Cyber Cafe Business in Nigeria – The world is becoming a global village as most commentators will rightly say, this is because of the internet in our world.

A few years back it would have been next to impossible to send a mail that will deliver within seconds, these days it is an afterthought.

Internet truly gave birth to a new kind of business and that is the cyber cafe business in Nigeria. These days you have people asking questions on how to start a cyber cafe business in Nigeria, a lot who wants to have connections in homes or the office you will see them searching for the best network for cyber cafe in Nigeria? While those interested in starting one will be asking how much does it cost to open a cyber cafe business in Nigeria?

This feasibility study on Cyber Cafe Business Plan Is Regularly improved upon with new updates included.

In all honesty, every one of these questions has answers, however, the focus of this post will be on how to start a cyber cafe business in Nigeria, the things you will need, equipment needed as well as other little stuffs you need to have in place in order to have a decent cyber cafe.

Cyber Cafe Business In Nigeria

Starting a Cyber Cafe Business in Nigeria requires a lot of commitment, fund as well as organization. We’re in an era where computers is taking residence in all works of life, from economy, government, education, job search, security as well as socialization.

The internet has become paramount in all our daily activities, a look at our social engagement will show you that the internet has made it a lot more easier to vibe with people around the world. Especially with the introduction social sites such as Facebook that has a global audience of about one billion people, this can only translate to millions of messages being sent in per second billing. It doesn’t stop there, there are other types of multimedia messaging options included, you have hours of videos calls which can be uploaded using the internet, you also have picture messages, voice notes etc these can be done on different platforms like Skyp, Whatsapp.

It even gets better on not missing out on live matches which you can stream Live from different online platforms, even if you miss out on a match, you can catch up through highlights on YouTube videos, the truth is that the internet has open a new horizon for opportunities.

How To Start A Cyber Cafe Business Plan

Cyber cafe business is a very lucrative one, with obviously huge opportunities in it, before starting a cyber cafe you need a plan, at best a cyber cafe business plan in Nigeria, it can be written as a cyber cafe business proposal, the essence is to have a road map to establishing the business concern, now here are a list of what you need. Note that it is not limited to this list below;

  • Get a business plan Or Business proposal – This is as simple as explained above, the idea is to get all that you need in writing, including the financial projection of the business. A well written business plan will actually make you not to spend unnecessarily, an example is the Cyber cafe business plan in Nigeria.
  • Raise a capital – A working capital is as important as your start up capital, this is because, even in periods when the income is not much, you can still have what to pay for your ISP. You also need to regularly do a maintenance servicing on your system.
  • Location – A cyber cafe should be strategically located, it is better along a major road in a city. It gets better when you can give an actual cyber cafe details without having to stress out. Most of the cyber cafe that I know are strategically located, place you can chose includes (i) close to a market (ii) close to a school (iii) around central business area of the city etc
  • Rent or build A Space for your business – After you must have selected a suitable location, the next thing on the agenda should be to either pay rent of the selected space or build a permanent structure, this solely depends on your budget
  • Get the equipment needed – A cyber cafe needs an obvious equipment that will make the running of the business smother, subsequently, I’ll list the equipment you are expected to have at your cyber cafe, we already know that you need computers, printers etc
  • Employ capable hands that will help manage your cyber cafe – Cyber cafe attendant matters a lot as it will determine how often people visit, it should be someone that is computer and internet savvy, someone who could offer help when needed in the cyber cafe, it is really not just how to start a cyber cafe business in Nigeria, it should actually be the level of the services on offer at the cafe.
  • Register your cyber cafe name – You need to be different from other cyber cafes in town, how do you achieve this? Pick a catchy name and also a name that will be easy to pronounce.

Equipment Needed To Start An Internet Cafe

When you have made a decision on starting a cyber cafe, be rest assured that you need some equipment to get you start, here are a list of some of the equipment you should have at your cyber cafe;

  • Computers – this should include some high-quality devices with great monitors, as well as other computer accessories like (i) mouse (ii) keyboards. You can also go for fairly used computer systems
  • Software – Software involves (i) an operating systems, (ii) a productivity software etc
  • Networking equipment
  • Power supply – You can get generator to serve as a supplement to NEPA, also having an Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units will also help to either protect your computers from power surges or when you want to switch power.
  • Furniture – You need tables, chairs, stools etc you can also add little decorations just so you can stand out.
  • Security – Hair security personnel

Other Business You Add To Cyber Cafe

A lot of people have argued that cyber cafe business in Nigeria is dead, a dedicated reader of this blog once asked why will anyone ask a question like how to start a cyber cafe business in Nigeria?

When everyone already has a gadget that has internet on it, the truth is, I use to think in this direction until I had to process my NYSC which was as at then done online, specific cyber cafes were selected for this, while I was ignorantly trying to do it myself on my laptop and my phone, I almost got left out, I had to rush to a cyber cafe close to my school to have mine done.

There are a whole lot of business that goes on in a cyber cafe, I’ll list a few here, you can confirm these for yourself too, below are some of the businesses done at most cyber cafes across the country;

Exam registration – This includes the following;

  • WAEC
  • NECO
  • JAMB
  • NDU
  • Nigeria police force recruitment
  • Job applications in both private and public sectors
  • Printing of waec, neco and jamb results
  • Graphics and web designing etc

Other businesses also includes the selling of scratch cards etc

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