Feasibility Study On Football Viewing Center

Feasibility Study On Football Viewing Center 2024 Sample

Football Viewing Center Business Plan in Nigeria – This business plan for a football viewing center was to help you set up a proper football viewing center. It can serve other purposes such as using it to apply and secure bank loans, obtain grants from issuing bodies, used for business proposal etc.. it is also regularly updated to meet current economic conditions of the country.

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Executive Summary For Match viewing Centre | Football Business Plan

Football is like a religion in Nigeria, it is estimated that over half of Nigerians are football lovers, no wonder the country stands still whenever the national football team is playing a match, football has even become a unifying factor for the country, it is viewed as the only aspect of our existence that doesn’t involve regionalism, tribalism, sectionalism, in fact when the national team plays, everyone in the country supports the team irrespective of the region the person comes from.

Nigerians are football crazy, that explains why during special FIFA world cup tournament of all levels, you have people looking for fixtures as well as players to watch, to doesn’t stop there, the interest in football exceeds just FIFA competitions. Every year, there are different league competitions that interests the masses, I myself being one of the millions who watches European football every weekend can attest to this unending football craze.

As a matter of fact, the game of football often referred to the beautiful game is the most watched sport in the world as well as Nigeria in particular. Let me explain a little bit of how the round leather game is popular in Nigeria, during world competition in other sports, Nigerians hardly notices, take for example, when the Rugby world cup was being played, it was even on cable television, yet majority of Nigerians didn’t even know that such even was on, this same scenario is also applicable to other world tournaments such as the Cricket World cup (ICC), Netball world championship, FIBA world cups, this is the basket ball competitions that also enjoys viewership but not as football.

Is Football Viewing Center Lucrative in Nigeria?

With the brief introduction on how crazy Nigerians love the game, it should be telling how lucrative the business can be, later on this post, I’ll do a little financial projections on feasibility study on football viewing center, it will be a personal estimation through my observation of the business and my close relation to a football center outfit. But before then, football viewing center is a lucrative business without doubt; like I said earlier football is the most watched sport in Nigeria, with millions of viewership in some of the major competitions, FIFA world cup as well as the UEFA champions’ league.

For most Nigerians, football is usually their interest in other mixed competitions like the Olympics. That is why you will always see Nigerians heading to different viewing centers just to catch a glimpse of their respective football teams. Apart from the craze of following national teams football, Nigerians love foreign football, below are a list of leagues that you will see Nigerians supporting;

  • The English premier league (EPL)
  • The Spanish La-Liga
  • Italian Seria A
  • German Bundes-Liga etc

The above listed leagues offers some of the best football talents the world has even seen or witnessed, no wonder they have the highest number of viewership on weekend basis. To most, it goes beyond just being a sports enthusiasts, many are mostly fanatics who can actually lose their appetite especially when their team doesn’t win a match.

Nigerians are now registered members of top European teams and with many of the fans following these club giants;

  • Real Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Manchester United
  • Arsenal
  • Chelsea
  • Tottenham
  • Manchester City
  • Bayern Munich, etc.

Most of the fans supporting these teams listed above may not have been to the respective homes of their favorite club sides, but they can pay anything just to watch their teams play. These fans are so dedicated to their follower-ship that even when their team performances is bad they will still troop to viewing centers just to watch their teams play (A case study of Chelsea and Man United) whose teams were performing below par, I was surprised at how they still look for where to watch their games.

Here is an example of how this works;

  • To watch a is about N70, N100 etc, depending on the viewing center capacity, let’s say 100 viewers (one hundred people), the owner gets N7,000 or N10,000 every match.
  • Each Premier league, La-liga as well as other league weekend has 10 matches, this simply means, after three to four matches you get nothing less than #30,000 to #40,000 for a week end.
  • Its even better during UEFA champion’s league midweek fixtures, usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays with 16 fixtures to be played. You get to make profit of up to N100,000 after every deduction, note, per match charges depends on your location business.

NOTE – these fans are not paid a dime to support these teams.

Why You Need A Feasibility Study On Football viewing Center

You need a feasibility study on football viewing center to setting up a viewing center in Nigeria, you get to know all that you didn’t know about viewing center, things that has to be in place before your business can actually kick off.

Another important reason why you need a business plan for a football viewing center in Nigeria is to become an alternative to most Nigerians who cannot to afford buy their own cable television, the truth is that, not everyone can afford it because it is expensive, in fact most people prefer not to buy because they feel it is cheaper to watch their favorite teams at the viewing center, I even know a few friends who prefers to watch their matches at the viewing center even though he has a cable television at home. Know you know why viewing centers are always filled to the extent you think a crusade is ongoing.

The fun of going to viewing center are enormous, here are a few reasons why most people including me prefer watching my matches at the viewing center;

  • Meet with friends
  • Meet fellow club supporters
  • Interact with new people
  • Exchange football ideas
  • Just for weekend relaxation

An Estimated financial Projection for A viewing Center

This is purely based on estimation, a friend of mine who owns a football viewing center actually inherited his own (he paid a little), so he didn’t buy much, he only bought new flat screen television, since the old one he inherited are hunch back television. Now here is an estimate;

Start Up capital or budget = between N500, 000 to N1,000,000 it actually depends on the standard you want to set up, will your structure (bacher) be built with zinc materials or woods, zinc is cheaper, wood is more expensive.

Rent for set up location: Since the structure won’t be a permanent one, rent for land or property should be between N100, 000 and N120,000, then to build your structure will depend on how much materials are sold, and then pay for workmanship.

Customers Seats – There is the option of wooden benches if you cannot afford plastic chairs, but if plastic chairs is your preferred option you will need up to (150) because depending on how big your space is, huge matches such as Liverpool vs Manchester United, Chelsea vs Manchester City or even Real Madrid vs Barcelona will always attract huge crowd, a Black hoarse plastic chair costs between N1,500 to N2,000, however, the wooden benches is more economical, my friend uses this option and he can accommodate up 180 people for a match.

Television Set – Most viewing centers I have seen have fairly used televisions, two (2) of it is good for a start, you can increase their numbers as your business continues to grow, these second hand television sets should cost between N60,000 to N120, 000, a 45 inch will do.

Get a UPS – If  you can’t afford this, it really doesn’t matter as long as you have a generator set, however, it will help you to advertise to your customers how important they are to you by not making them miss any part of  the match, two of  those will go a long way (2) cost around N20,000

Cable Television – Nigerian viewers are not spoil with numerous options, before we use to have Hi-TV and then TSTV, they both didn’t last in the market, so viewers are stock with the DSTV option, the DSTV Decoder as well as its dish Installment comes at a different price range, you have a DSTV monthly subscription which is applicable to different packages and for a business such as a viewing center an (XtraView) decoder will do you a whole lotta good, in fact the most preferred DSTV viewing center package is the Xtra view package. You can visit any dstv center to get subscription for viewing centres, you need to be discreet about it too.

Standby Generator: You don’t want football fans at your center too be stranded, I once went to a random viewing center to watch a football match, light went off, the own came to apologies to us that his generator is not in good condition, dude almost got the beating of his life, the next time I passed there during a football match, only a handful of people were their, a sound generator should cost around N40000

Ventilation – viewers shouldn’t chock because they came to see their favorite play, get ceiling/ standing fans should be around N20000 if the place is air tight, an air conditioner (AC) can do the magic.

Info Board – It can either be a black board or a Marker Board, depending on how your budget is, you can get a wooden black board for N2000 and a marker board for N5000

Factors To Setting Up A football viewing In Nigeria

We’ve talked about how a feasibility study on football viewing center in Nigeria can make your work a lot more easier, however, below are a three important factors to consider when setting up your own viewing center;

Have a realistic budget – This is vital, it will determine if your set up plans will stops half way or you can see it through, from here you can determine the following;

  • The size of the viewing center, in essence the capacity and size.
  • The type of equipment to use, fairly used or brand new, this equipment includes television sets, generator, types of seats (plastic or wooden) etc

Location – This is very important, location is key to the success of this business, you need audience, in fact audience who are not far away from your viewing center, one of such location can be in a school environment where you are sure student can’t afford cable television for themselves, an area where you are the only one, you can control how much you charge.

Marketing – Now that you are done setting up, the next thing is to create awareness of your viewing center, tell the people around and write match fixtures on your Info board.

To get the full business plan in NIgeria on football viewing center In Nigeria PDF Feasibility Study (Including The Financial Productions And All), pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Account Name – Okite Joseph ikenna

Account No – 0044083736

After payment, text your name and email address to 07039768549 and you will receive your FOOTBALL VIEWING CENTER BUSINESS PLAN IN NIGERIA / FEASIBILITY STUDY)

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