Tailoring Business Plan In Nigeria

Tailoring Business Plan In Nigeria 2024 Sample

The Tailoring Business Plan in Nigeria sample is a Feasibility Study written to put you through your tailoring business enterprise.

Meanwhile, be rest assured that the information contained therein has been updated to match the current market projections.

Tailoring business in Nigeria is arguably one of the biggest enterprise one can ever venture into, I know this because my Mother was one of the top tailors in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state at the time, I and my siblings where basically trained to the University level from the proceeds. Tailoring opens you up to different categories of people, the highly connected and otherwise.

You can actually go a bit further by combining tailoring and fashion designing. Actually, some becomes designers when they have mastered the act of tailoring, not every designer is tailor, but every tailor is either a designer or a potential designer.

The Tailoring Business Plan In Nigeria can serve for both the tailoring and fashion design, and it depends on what you want to achieve with the business plan. As a living witness, tailoring is a lucrative business, wait until I give you the projected cost estimation.

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Undeniably, this industry has grown, the industry has matured into one that has a synergy with other industry and it is also generating billions as an industry. With the right connections, a fashion designer can have business dealings with entertainers, politicians as well as those with the corporate organisations.

One known fact is that as much as you need this Tailoring Business Plan In Nigeria feasibility study, you need to have the skill set to sew cloths or at least to design one for the tailors to sew, I did mention synergy earlier. I have a friend who is a designer, although he doesn’t know how to sew, he employed guys and ladies with the skill set and they do amazing job. All he does is to design what to be made in drawings and they are made by the tailor. He is an example of a designer who doesn’t know how to sew but is making huge sums in cloth making.

True to that, tailoring business deserves those with creative minds. Actually, creativity sustains the business and technical skills as well as knowledge in the business will make your adventure a fruitful one. With the Tailoring Business Plan, I can assure you that you won’t be wasting money.

If there is any business that can be sustained with the right skill and plan, tailoring should be one of those, you know why? Tailoring became a profession when mankind started making cloths for themselves. And till the end of time, people will always need what to wear, how to wear and the style of cloths they prefer. It all began with untidy stitches now sophisticated machines are used in cloth making.

Nigeria as a budding nation for investment has taken the initiative in entertainment for an instant, fashion designing has following in the same direction, the reason for this is not far-fetched, those in the entertainment industry as well as other must have a cloth to wear. Getting one of these Tailoring Business Plan In Nigeria feasibility study (dressmaker business plan sample) is one way to say “I am ready to join the multi-billion Naira industry”.

How Tailoring Business Plan In Nigeria Has Changed The Narrative; back in the days when tailoring was considered a small time business, you can only venture into the business if you have the skill set like my mother. However, these days, things are no longer like that, you can only have the knowledge of how things work to own your own tailoring outlet.

The market for this business is undeniably larger than one would think, all you need is the commitment required in running a business. Also your commitment determines your survival in the industry since you will be competing with well established outfits, that is why you need a business plan.

Factors To Consider Before You Start Your Tailoring Business

Skill Set – I stated this earlier when I started this article, the truth is that tailoring business requires that you as a tailor should have the skill needed or else you will always have issues or have to contend with your customers on a regular basis as regards service delivery. However, apart from the skill factor, you should at least have a knowledge of the business, just like my friend J.Cozzy who owns a tailoring outfit even though he doesn’t have the skill set. What does he bring to the table? A question that deserves an answer. This is it, he practically designs in drawings while his tailor makes the cloths. Although he first of all went for about three weeks tutorial on sewing, the lessons learnt made him to know stuffs like, lining, satin, gum stay, cloth gum, and elastic rubber etc. When you see him speak about sewing, you will think he knows how to.

Services To Render – This factor comes from the Vision and mission of the business owner. The thing is, there are some tailoring outfits that restricts there services to specifics, however, the most common among them is the mending, there are big tailoring shop where all they do is to amend cloths for customers. Basically, you buy your cloth, when it doesn’t fit, you bring it to them it help you amend it to your size. This is one tailoring service that has been overlooked, then there are those that make cloths for random buyers from across the country, here is how this works, these clothing companies buy clothing materials from the market and make them, then they display these cloths in a show room for prospective buyers to see, individuals can actually start like this, the idea is to grow there customers.

Niche – Niche in tailoring is one of the most ignored factor when it comes to the business, in tailoring, you cannot actually succeed if you decide in major in every aspect of the business, that is why you have tailoring firm focusing on a particular style and outfit. Questions to ask is “am I going into tailoring to make cloths for only men or only women?” “If both, will I strictly make only suits and senator (native wears) “Can I cope if I add Agbada making to my menu?” etc, these are serious question that you must ask to at least become unique. Being a master in one niche can actually make you the talk of the town, we all remember when popular BBNaija presenter Ebuka trended on the social media platform due to the well made Agbada he wore, products like that can only come from a tailoring firm that knows their niche and have a vision.

Competition – This is a competitive industry, to begin with, both locally as well as globally, these are the people you get to compete with; Ralph Lauren, Gorgio Armani etc, while locally you have guys like Yomi Casual, Frank Oshodi etc. You may want to start competing with the smaller clothing house in your vicinity, by starting small, you stand a chance of growing into a bigger clothing house.

Qualified Personnel – Much more than the niche, you need those who can actually make what people will want to wear. The truth is, people are moved with what they see, and if what they see is appealing, more will customers will comes your way. Most times, quality products goes a long way in marketing itself.

Product Marketing – No matter how good your products are, you need people to see what they look like, thanks goodness we’re in the era of social media where you can actually put out your products on peoples face even without their permission. Using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, twitter even Nairaland and Gistmania can serve that purpose. The essence is to get people to see what you have for them. Other avenues to market is via Trade-fair, tailoring conferences and symposium .

Business Name Registration – Trust me, to become a brand in this business, you at least need government backing, you can get this when you have your business registered. Registering your business affords you some certain privileges, your business can go into contractual agreement on the basis that your business is an established entity by law, government and other corporate organization will not be afraid to go into agreement with you. By registering, you also secure your brand name and logo as the case maybe. You can register your business at Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Location – This is a serious factor, in fact determines if you will even grow. My mother had her shop established in one of the busiest roads in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state. If lived in Abakaliki, you will know Water works road very. This simply made her to be popular, in fact she didn’t start in a shop, she simply hired a veranda space from an open building, before we know it, she had so many customers including state commissioners and also the then Governors wife. Her location made it very easy to locate. You could give and description and the person won’t get lost. In addition to that, the location was also close to two markets as well as other small shops where you could get sewing materials. In a city like Enugu, you could rent a space at the Enugu mall, or polo park mall due to that traffic those places attracts, note that rents for shop space will be on the high there, alternatively you could rent a shop that is close to either Ogbete market, New heaven market or Artisan market, there you will be close to sewing material as well as have people who sees your work.

Work Materials To Buy For Tailoring Business Plan In Nigeria

Here are the basic sewing equipment that you will need, based on what I’ve seen at my mother’s shop;

Sewing machine – We have types, you can go for the old types popularly known as SINGER, however, there is this new industrial sewing machine that you can get now, the stitches are great and it can make cloths look really nice, while singer with the market price might cost between #15,000 and #25,000, the industrial machine cost around #50,000 to #80,000 thousand Naira for second hand while the brand new ones costs around #100,000 thousand Naira, it is entirely your choice.

Weaving machine – You have the option of either the old type or the new, depends on your budget, price range for a weaving machine is #40,000 each – #80,000

Embroidery machine – As important as this machine is, if you are on a thigh budget, you may chose to forgo this machine in the meantime and outsource if there is a need to, however, price range for this machine is #40,000 each #80,000

Scissors – This depends on the number of workers you have, because everyone is expected to have one, a pair of scissors goes for the price of  #500 for the small ones and #700 – #1200 for the big ones.

Thread – A pack of small thread goes for #150, while the big thread mostly used on industrial machine goes for an estimated # 600.

Tape Or Ruler – For measurement, a tape costs #100, depends on how many you want to buy.

Tables and chairs –Used for cutting your cloths, a carpenter should be handy here, cost = #15,000 (subject to change).

Alternative power source (A generator) – A generator set costs based on the type, size and capacity, depends on your budget, get what will work for you.

Finally, one of the things most dressmakers in Nigeria are known for is disappointing their clients, trust me, you don’t want people to know you as one tailoring outfit that disappoints, people will practically run away from you and you’ll be termed an individual who can honor their agreement. Be the best you can be and watch as the world become your stepping stone.

Hurry now, TO GET YOUR TAILORING BUSINESS PROPOSAL IN NIGERIA. Simply order yours by paying N10,000 to

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