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CBN Agric Loan – 2023/2024 Application And Registration

How do I access the application from for the ongoing CBN Agric Loan? How do I get to register? What is the official website of Central Bank Of Nigeria? Is the loan application done on the CBN website or is there other link that can lead to the online application page? Where can I get updated information on the CBN Agricultural loan for the 2023/2024 season? These and more similar question will be discussed briefly on this post.

First let me start by saying that the registration form for CBN Agric loan application form for 2023/2024 registration is finally out, interested applicants can check the CBN website via agricultural loan portal for more information.

However, we will share as much information as possible on this article to make it a lot more easier to make your application. In a recent broadcast, the governor of Central Bank Of Nigeria while addressing men of the press stated that this year’s application for loans has resumed and appealed to eligible applicants forward their application for possible consideration.

The process is going to be transparent, as only qualified citizens of the country will get the loan. On the other hand, all applicants must crosscheck their credentials in order not to fail any potential eligibility test.

Eligibility Test

One of the things that will be checked is if you reside in any of state of the federation including the federal capital, this simply means even if you have all your other documents intact and you are a Nigerian, you can still be denied this CBN loan if you are not in any of the 36 states of the federation, including the federal capital.

CBN Agric Loan Eligibility Check

Here are a few things you must ensure you have in place as regards your agric loan application;

– The business you plan on financing must be in the agriculture sector, examples are Rice farming business, Poultry farming business, cattle rearing business etc.

– Service sector – This is to enable inclusion, businesses that normally help in the general growth of the economy are usually prioritized, this includes the information, communication and technology (ICT).

– Manufacturing sector – This covers a wide range of activities in the real sector, activities such as mining etc.

– You can submit your application even if your business is not in any of the categories mentioned above, at the end of the day the Central Bank will have the last say as to the business that will be considered.

CBN Agric Loan Application Requirement

Here are the things you need to have in order to commence with your loan application;

– Tax Identification number (TIN) and also your Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC), you need to prove that you do not owe the government.

– Bank Verification Number (BVN) – Every bank account holder must have a BVN by now this shouldn’t be an issue.

– Letter Of Interlocution from either a District Head, village head or traditional ruler, Senior civil servant, clergy etc

– A registered business name with documents to prove.

– Must have gone through training at the Enterprise Development Institute, this will be verified by the Central Bank Of Nigeria.

How To Apply for CBN Agric Loan

Simply Click on the APPLY NOW link to begin your application process for the CBN agric loan, crosscheck information as you fill the online application form.

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