How To Grow A Business With Technology

How To Grow A Business With Technology – One of reasons people go into different businesses is to maximize profit or say utilize investors fund, this is to say people do not just investing their hard earned money just to see it go to waste, this is why today we have several mediums entrepreneurs can grow their businesses, especially small businesses.

Most developing countries are now looking to support small business owners, this is because Small and medium enterprise has been slated as a catalyst to economic growth. However, most of these small businesses have issue growing their businesses from the beginners levels to the level they want it to be say in few years after the establishment.

A country like Nigeria takes SMEs seriously, the fact is that since the government can’t provide all the jobs, individuals can create an employment channel, not just for themselves but also be able to employ others. Small and medium enterprise contribute about 48% of Nigeria’s national GDP, it doesn’t end here, consists of 96 % of the businesses around with an estimated 84% employment, however, their challenge for growth cannot be overlooked.

How Do You Grow Your Business Using Technology?

Since I got into writing on business related content, I have read and heard different question as regarding the business and technology I a developing country like Nigeria, questions such as how an entrepreneur can use technology to enhance growth in their business, or how has technology helped in the growth of businesses in Nigeria? Common ways an entrepreneur can infused business and technology to bring about rapid growth, what are the tangible examples of business growth gotten as a result of technology, the most interesting of all these question is how can an entrepreneur use technology to help there business today, and that is what I will be focusing on today.

How Technology Can Help Your Business

On a daily basis, small and medium business owners try to find a way through which they can grow their businesses, most of them engage different strategies, employing strategy consulting companies that are specialized to helping businesses achieve their goals, when it works out fine, with the use of technology, there is a possibility that technology can impact greatly to their business.

I have listed out tools (technological tools like Apps) you can use to enhance your business growth;

  • WhatApp for Business – The introduction of WhatsApp business has really helped a lot of businesses, with some amazing features that can help interact with customers even when you are offline. WhatsApp used to be a social networking application that was mainly used social chats with friends and family, similar to facebook messenger and other messaging application, but the business WhatsApp gives you features like (1) users setting up a business profile showing important information about the business, information like address, pictures of your store, working hour, prices, your products etc you can also customize an automatic response for customers when they chat while you’re offline.
  • ALAT for Business – not as popular as the whatsapp application, but is very much effective and is used by many small scale business owners. Most small business owners might not have the luxury of professional accountant managing their finances, but with this app, you get to have a proper financial records of your business. A business that has a clear financial record has a better chance of accessing loans facility, especially if you have a business plan for expansion, these and more are the features and benefit of using this piece of technology to enhance your business growth.
  • FreshBooks – A business that doesn’t have proper accounting system has a plan to not either grow or to fail. Every business need to manage their invoices, schedule or set reminder for invoices that has to be settled, monitor your expenditure and generally monitor your expenditure, the good news is it has an easy to use interface, so as a small and medium business owners can use this to effectively reduce waste.
  • Wave – Wave is an accounting app which offers assistance on accounting issues. Similar to freshbook, you can create an invoice, monitors transaction through tracking, monitor your income and expenditure, you can also automate payment reminders etc. you do not need an accounting degree to operate this application.
  • Plaqad – Equipped with features such as the SocialCred tool you can run a campaign using the social media. Most social networks are mainly used for publicity, but with plaqad you get to select your influencers, with its tracking analytics tools you can gauge influence as well as know your social media credibility.

Some other tools that can help your business include the following;

  • QuickBooks
  • SurveyMonkey
  • DocuSign
  • Asana and Trello
  • Zoom
  • Slack
  • Google Drive and DropBox
  • Goggle Analytics
  • Inshot
  • FilmoraGo

for the sake of publicity, make sure you share this post so that others may know that these apps exist and can help their businesses.


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