How To Start A Goat Farming Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Goat Farming Business In Nigeria

Do you know you can start your own goat farming business in Nigeria today? The truth remains that starting a goat farming business entails following some basic farming principle applicable to this kind of business. Apart from these principles farming in itself requires some special technique to ensure you get the best out of your investment, irrespective of the type of farming you are involved with, either the crop farming or the live stock farming.

A feasibility study on goat farming in Nigeria should help you in knowing some important things on how to start a goat farming business in Nigeria. It shows you the complex nature of goat farming, how profit can be made from goat farming, the products of goat farming, the financial projection as to what to invest and then what you stand to gain as profit, you also get to know the different types of goats in Nigeria and how each can be profitable and then a price estimation of goats in Nigeria.

Types Of Goats In Nigeria (Goats farming)

A lot of people are unaware that goats has different breeds, in fact I use to be in that category, until I did a little research on goats in Nigeria and how to start a goat farming business in Nigeria, that was where I got to know that these goats we see in the market comes in different breeds.

A visit to goat market should be able to clear your curiosity, once you indicate you came to buy goats, the seller will ask you the breed you want, if you don’t know, the seller will just list all the types of goats you can get, here are a few types of goats that can be used to start a commercial goat farming business in Nigeria;

  • Boer goat – This type of goats originated from South Africa, and they are good for business if goat commercial business is what you are interested in, the reason being that the Boer goat specie are known for their meat as well as milk production, they will come in handy as people prefer buying meaty goats for their festive celebration.
  • Kalahari goats – Often referred to as Kalahari red goats, also found or originated from South Africa, this breed has a strong character, studies has shown that the Kalahari red goat has special characteristics that makes it stronger than other breed, some of these characteristics includes ability to withstand poor environment, resistance to airborne diseases, hardly gets infested by parasites, the possibility of being prone to diseases is attributed to its color.
  • Matou Anglo-Nubian – This breeds of goats are mostly found in England, known for its low productivity, the Nubian breed are mostly found in either brown or white color.
  • Saanen – The first Saanen breed was first seen in Switzerland, they are productive in nature, especially in the production of milk, if well reared, it is estimated that they have the potential of producing at least 3 litres of milk on a daily basis.
  • Alpine – This breed is predominantly found in Europe, they have high propensity for milk and meat production.

Goat Feed Formulation In Nigeria

Here the best feed formulation and combination that will best suit your goats;

  • Maize, Groundnut cake, PKC, Wheat offal, Salt, Mineral mix

Ingredients Used To Prepare Mineral Mix for Goats

You can use this option if you do not have the money to buy,

  • Sterilized bone meal
  • Limestone
  • Iodized salt
  • Copper Sulphate
  • Ferrous Carbonate
  • Zinc Oxide


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