Transportation Business Plan In Nigeria

Transportation Business Plan In Nigeria 2024 Feasibility Study

Business plan for transport and logistics – Transportation is the process of moving from point A to point B, in essence the movement of people and goods from one location to another. Transportation has over a long period of time being a source of income as it thrives in places where there are large number of people resident.

Recent studies has shown that transportation no longer has limit, before now, it use to be movement of small group on foot, then horses now we have automobiles. It now involves a whole lot of capital involvement and also planning, which is why you need our transportation business plan in Nigeria the 2019/2020 edition.

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Transport Business just like most businesses in Nigeria has always been Hot cake. When you look at countries like the United State Of America and Peoples Republic Of China, transportation has been viewed as a huge avenue of making profits, transportation has become big businesses in these countries, one thing these countries has in common is population. As earlier stated, population is one if not the major drive of transportation business.

Now, Nigeria with an estimated population of over 180 million, viewed as the most populous black nation in the world, Nigeria has the potentials of United State of America and People’s Republic of China in the transportation sector, going by the population and also the limited means of transportation in Nigeria.

How Lucrative Is Transportation Business In Nigeria?

The potentials in the transportation business in Nigeria is as huge as the haulage and trucking business as stated earlier, the population helps in this regard, to be able to set up an up to standard transport business outfit, you need to study our feasibility on transportation business in Nigeria pdf, the idea is to understand the various method of running this kind of business and then making profit at the end.

Millions of people are always on the move, moving from destination to another, going about their businesses or other various reasons. To ensure you benefit from this goldmine, providing a means of transporting these people since they need it on an every day basis could be a way of contributing.

One of the reason vehicle transportation will thrive in Nigeria is because there are limited option of transport. In as much as most of the roads are not motor-able, transportation via land has been made to be the major option, while travelling by air are mostly done by few.

The truth is that people want to get to their destination without hassle, as such, people move around on different reasons such as the following;

  • Most people want to get to their work place on time
  • There those who need transportation just to run errands
  • Some wants to visit their friends
  • Travel for a vacation
  • Transport their goods to various destination etc

Types Of Transportation Business

There are a whole lot people could do via transportation, however, there are various means of transportation, they include the following;

  • Transportation by land
  • Transportation by air
  • Transportation by water

Transport by air entails travelling or moving goods from one location to another through an aircraft, this means are used mainly in the transportation of people and luggage.

While transportation by water entails the movement of people via the high sea using speed boat, canoe, large ship, submarines, this type are common around riverine area in Nigeria, take for example, in places like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Warri in Delta state, Bayelsa, water transportation are somewhat common in these areas.

Then you have transportation by land, this is the most used means of transportation in Nigeria, in fact it has been argued that this means has been over used and that other method of transportation should as well be looked into,   every day people transport for different purposes and different reasons. This is the reason we consider transportation business as a goldmine, this can actually be an option in terms of investments, here we offer suggestive tips on how to get started with your transportation business and then learn how to be successful in the business.

Things You Must Know Before Starting

Get Knowledge – This is not just any business you just dive into, you need to get the required knowledge on how this business works, how do you do this, you can either read up on how transportation business can work in Nigeria or you can go on a field research on transportation business, there is also an option of getting our transportation business plan in Nigeria e-book.

The thing is, you do not want to spend on a venture you know nothing about, hence the need to acquire the necessary knowledge about the business. The business plan you helps you in this regard, at least you need to match your competitors experience and strategy, hence every knowledge is not a waste.

Decide On The Type Of Transportation Business To Go Into – Know this! Transportation business is wide, even within a town, there are different kind of transports, you have the transportation by bus, transportation by Taxi, you have Tricycle (Keke) and then Motorbike (aka Okada). This is way you should be sure of the type you want. The reason for this is to avoid a situation where you will have abandon your equipment because of not knowing some existing laws. Take for example, in many major cities in Nigeria, Okada transportation are not allowed, it becomes a waste investing in it without knowing but getting to know when it is already too late. Also you need to understand the dynamics as well as how capital intensive the business venture is.

Name Registration – Every known transportation company has a registered name, it is also important to choose a name that is easy to remember, for example PEACE, God Is Good (GIG) etc, these names are popular because they are easy to memorize. After choosing a name, go ahead with the registration, your first place to register is at transportation union known as the National Union of Road Transport Workers, here every required license will be issued, also ensure to follow all the rules and regulations, after that, you can then register your business name at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), you can solicit for the assistance of a lawyer, ensure you get your certificate with an RC number, an evidence your business is fully recognized.

Employments And Remuneration

This is another important factor to consider, employing capable hands who will help with the progress of the business, employing capable hands ensures the possible longevity and the success or failure of business. It is important to get someone who will supervise while you oversee things. This absolutely depends on how large your transport company is, a company of say one vehicle doesn’t require all this. Also employ drivers who are good and experienced. Also  create a system that will enable you track your drivers, this is to avoid drivers taking advantage of the business. Remuneration, have a fixed salary which can either be weekly or monthly.

Finally bus transport business you need to exercise patience in other for the business to grow, most times, it takes more than just creating awareness in the media for the business to grow, your service quality can do all the tricks for you, when an individual is satisfied by your service, they will likely use your company again.

NOTE – This business plan also covers for feasibility study on road transportation business in Nigeria.

Hurry now, GET YOUR Transportation Business Plan In Nigeria / Feasibility Study. To place an order, pay N10,000 to

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Account Name – Okite Joseph ikenna

Account No – 0044083736

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