Photography Business Plan In Nigeria

Photography Business Plan In Nigeria 2024 Sample

Photography is one venture that is almost as old as man himself, many years ago when taking photos of other was a huge task, the process could as well drain you of your moral to take new shots, however, the persistence of developers has birth the industry we have today, the act of taking photos these days is not as difficult as it used to be.

Back then a wedding photograph takes up to one month to be ready, this is not exaggerating, I can actually remember when my Uncle go married in 1996, I still remember what went down before he could lay hands on his wedding photographs.

A simple visit to a photo studio business shop back then, made me think that photography must be a very boring job, the process of getting one picture ready takes a whole lots of time, these photo studios have what we call dark room, because negatives must not be exposed to sunlight.

I am glad that those era of manual photography are gone, this is the reason why a graduate can take lessons on photography, gets a wedding photography business plan sample or a photography business plan template all just to set up a photo business. I have a friend who graduated a nurse, we all thought he was going to practice nursing, we didn’t know he already took lessons in photo shooting. He floated his own photo company and today he has diversified into selling of photography materials.

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A commercial photography business plan can go a long way for you, that is if your want to more a little higher with your photo shooting skills. To so many, it is just a hubby, but to some, it is means of escaping poverty. Most owners even combine video and photography business together; the idea is not to be left out on any opportunity that may come as a result.

Digital Photography Business Plan

When it comes to photography, one of the things most people are interested in is the product photography work, the saying goes “Photo no dey lie” the photo should be able to reflect the real image, when photo business was more of analogue, the products was not bad at, however, it is expected that with the introduction of digital photography, a better products with great quality should be the result.

Photography has come a long way in this country, having evolved through the period when we had push and start to wait and take, pictures that come with low quality, these days we have HD and SD picture, with a well written Business Plan in Nigeria you can set up a good photography business in Nigeria with a matching description, modeled to satisfying different photo studio projects that comes your way.

These days digital photo products are the real deal, hence with a digital camera, the outcomes becomes great, no wonder it has become the most used, below are reasons why people prefer digital photos, see below;

Picture Quality: The difference between analogue and digital photos is a world apart, the image quality is usually out of this world, a search through the facebook application, you will see difference in quality, there are loads of pictures being uploaded on a daily basis, digital materials, usually these digital products are superb when placed side by side with analogue produced pictures. The image sharpness and many other features tells a whole lots of story about the quality and then the question of durability.

Easy to Produce – I ones heard a friend say that the 21st century is a very fast paced century, my friend didn’t was exaggerating when he said that. My first experience of the fast nature of digital pictures was at another friends wedding, the photographer just said in these words ‘Oga wait make I snap you”… I told him, I can’t wait for you after the wedding to be going around and be looking for where to wash your pictures and he in turn told me “Oga no washing here, na wait and take, unless you want editing, then you go come our studio”…. Immediately he said “wait and take” I became interested, I wanted to know the new magic or he just wanted to take my pictures only get me the copies later, to my surprise, he took my pictures and in less than 5 minutes I already had the hard copies with me, it was all computerized at his stand, I inquire about the editing part he mentioned, he said that will be done in his studio, that he can edit it further for a more digital experience, I visited the next day, true to his words I saw the magic of digital editing, I discovered you could change a person’s look by adjusting the facial structure, removing spots on their faces etc… We didn’t see these during the analogue era, no wonder you hardly find ugly people on the internet.

Is Photography Business Lucrative In Nigeria

The business of photography in Nigeria can be very lucrative, however, it is relative, it depends on the photographer, when my friend start his photography business, he was always moving from one wedding reception to another, all was for him to create awareness, we he finally had capital, he rented an office space and before we new it, he became the most sort after photo studio in town.

As a photographer, you need to have a plan from the beginning, that was what my friend had working for him, even when he was in nursing school, his eyes were set on owning the biggest photo studio in town, when we all thought he was going to practice, he carried his camera and was practically moving from one reception to another, that was his first step to raising capital, he succeeded and then established, today it’s a different story altogether.

Get your own Sample Photography Business Plan in Nigeria now! To place order, Pay N10,000 to:

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Account Name – Okite Joseph ikenna

Account No – 0044083736

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Getting the photography business plan in Nigeria is a good way of starting. An argument ensued among us as to the viability of photography business in Nigeria, few of my colleagues actually eels that photography isn’t a lucrative business, because everyone you see on the street today has a digital camera phone, the argument was valid to an extent, because we all have digital camera features on our respective phones, but the fact remains that a digital camera has more pixel resolution than the digital camera on a mobile phone, digital cameras are built on different pixel resolution, and the highest I’ve seen in a mobile phone is not up to what is obtainable on a good digital camera.

Now the difference in quality is that the products from a mobile phone cannot equal that of a camera. Step into any photo studio and you will still see those with good camera phones coming to take picture.

Today, there are so many digital photographers out there, have you ever wondered why these photographers are still in business? The answer is that there is a huge demand for photographer, like every weekend beginning from Friday through to Sunday, there are one function or the other going on, and these functions requires photographers. The creativity of a camera personnel can never be over emphasized, a cameraman’s creativeness and passion for the business can be the difference.

Types of Photography You Could Practice

There are different types and branches of photography you can go into, it all depends on what you want to get from it, below are the types you may want to know;

Sports Photography – This is mostly related to photographs taken at sporting event, you see those pictures of athlete in actions a different world and continental events, and those are the handy works of sports photographers. I grew up on those amazing shoots.

Fashion Photography – This is about one of the most popular type or branch of photography, maybe because of people’s affiliation to beauty and finesse, fashion photography covers a whole lot in the entertainment industry, you see those catchy images of that fine dress, that is the work of a fashion photography, you get employment with a fashion house a fashion magazine.

Wedding Photography: Almost every average photographer is a wedding photographer, like the Illustration I gave earlier about my experience with one of such, they are mostly at wedding venues, either by invitation or others wise, they captures wedding events in pictures, some even create an album, while others publish on different social media network.

Other Types of Photography Includes;

Landscape Photography

  • Portrait Photography
  • Architecture Photography
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Arial Photography etc

How To Start Photography Business In Nigeria

Here are the things you should be doing while planning on starting a photography business in Nigeria,

Write A business plan – The truth is, a business (especially one with huge investment) can only thrive when a business plan is in place, when you fail to plan, you simply plan to fail, and again you don’t want your money to waste, why not get one of these feasibility studies on photography business, a photography business plan in Nigeria will save you a lot of time and money.

Get A Name & Register It – Every photo studio I have come across have one thing in common, and that is a name, how will you tell customers of your business when it doesn’t have a name, chose a name and have it registered with the corporate affairs commission.

Competitor analysis: The industry is saturated with all manner of photographers, you need to analyse your competitors both big and small, this alone can give you the competitive edge in the industry, here you get to know what others are doing that you need to improve on, it is a service driven industry and most time, the studio with the best service wins

Financial Projection: Carrying out a financial analysis of the venture you intend going into will help you a great deal, the photography business plan in Nigeria contains the necessary information to this regard. Here you get to your profit and loss estimate.

Select A Business Location – All the top Photo studios that I know are well situated, always around a major road in the city, always easy to locate, easy to describe. Location is key and that I why importance is placed on this aspect of choosing a business location.

Market Your Name – Depending on your budget, you could go into an aggressive marketing via social media, radio or even television, but most importantly let your work speak for, it can actually be the highest adverts that your business needs.

Acquire The Skills & Train your staff – My friend made me to understand that taking pictures is beyond just snapping and printing it out, it takes a whole lot of training to perfect, these days I see him organizing seminars and lectures on photography for his staff, most times he employ them with little or no knowledge in the photography, in digital photography, editing is key, when you have mastered this, it can only take you higher.

Buy Equipment: In digital Photography, you need sophisticated equipment, just as Ii will be listing the one you need for your start up;

  • Camera(s) e.g. Nikon D7000 DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera.
  • Studio props.
  • Reflectors and diff-users.
  • Studio lights and light stands.
  • Background and background supporting systems.
  • Memory cards and card reader.
  • External hard drives.
  • Post-processing software e.g. Adobe light-room, Picasa, Corel Draw, e.t.c
  • A generator or an alternate source of energy for electricity production e.g. solar energy.
  • A bag that all your equipment needed at a time will fit into.
  • Lens cleaner ; to clean your lens.
  • Sensor gel stick ; to remove dust from your sensors.
  • Extra camera battery.

Finally, you need to create an atmosphere of politeness and friendliness, where customer could come and feel at home while being served.

Get your own Sample Photography Business Plan in Nigeria now! To place order, Pay N10,000 to:

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Account Name – Okite Joseph ikenna

Account No – 0044083736

After payment, send your full name, email address and topic (i.e. photography business plan pdf) to 07039768549. Your business plan will be sent to your email within 15 minutes.

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