Snack Production Business Plan In Nigeria Template

Snack Production Business Plan In Nigeria Template

In today’s Nigeria, it will not be wrong to assume that every Nigerian has had a taste of snack, in fact to so many Nigerians, a snack can be placed in the category of food you take just to get buy, this is common mostly for travelers or say individuals who want to have a feel of food before the real meal arrives. The thing is that most people actually take snacks as food, especially if the meal they want isn’t in sight, in Nigeria’s pigeon we say “use am hold body“. Snacks are usually smaller than our real mean, so it’s safe to say we eat snacks in between our daily meals.

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The good thing about having snacks is that the ones that are richly made and well packaged could also offer the body good nutrients. Note that there are badly made snacks too, I have had many so I won’t excuse that for any reason, most times when it comes to snacks production business, most people would prefer to use little ingredient to prefer there snack as against a measured quantity, this most times results in making bad snacks that I’ve previously, however, this can still be avoided, the question now is how to start a snacks manufacturing unit from your home or any where you want, the other questions could be who can go into snack production business.

In all honesty most people still feel that snack production is gender related, so they feel as guys snacks shouldn’t be one of the businesses they should care about, but in reality some of the best snacks I’ve had were made by guys, I’ve also had great snacks by women, I presently have one on my street, you could perceive the aroma from your sitting room. So for a guy who has interest in snack production business, you can always get a snack production business plan template for that. Other questions that can be asked includes where can I sell my home made snacks, these and more are some of the questions I will be willing to answer as we go on with this article.

Who Are Your Snack Consumers?

Just as I will tell all my clients who are interested in a business to first and foremost carry out a personal research on the said business, the snack production business plan in Nigeria will only serve as a map on how to set up the business in Nigeria. Snack consumption covers all demography, in fact there is hardly anyone who doesn’t take snacks for food or some sought of sports.

That is why in most markets in Nigeria snack sellers are not in short supply, with patronage from men and women, boys and girls and everyone who find eating snacks interesting. Now at most organized work places, snacks do come in handy, in such places workers may not have access to a proper restaurant meal, so usually the last resort is the next available snack, note that eating snack is not compulsory but it is necessary.

Other places where you will get snacks in high supply is at ceremonies, in these gathering you get to see different types and variety of snacks from small chops, Indian snacks, vegetable chips etc, that is why I will recommend a snacks production business plan pdf.

Economic Importance Of Snack Production Business In Nigeria

From the above write up it is easy to see the economic importance of starting a business such as this, the market opportunities and the readily available buyers that covers all demography. Everyone will not and must not go into making of snacks but with business opportunities such as this, university graduates shouldn’t have any excuse to remain unemployed.

The opportunities in business growth when properly managed can ensure a possibility of expansion in few months from the time you started the business. I know of someone who had big dreams but started on a small scale and within nine months she already had three people working with her, the interesting part in all of these is that, the workers started learning at the initial stage, but then perfected their craft before they became her workers, all these within a space of nine months. There are no hidden methods of growing a business if not through hard work.

Types Of Snacks That Might Interest You..

There is a long list of snack you could learn and add to the ones you already have knowledge of, the truth is that for a very long while I didn’t really categories these as snacks until recently when i went to an eatery and I saw them as snacks on the menu, below are some snacks you can add to you menu;


  • Pizza
  • Waffles
  • Meat Pie
  • Spring role
  • Muffins
  • Cookies
  • Samosa
  • Chin Chin
  • Small Chop (these comprises of rolls, Puff Puff, buns, Chin Chin etc)
  • Pretzels
  • Doughnuts

How To Set Up A Snack Production Business In Nigeria

I believe this will be your best preferred part of this article, how to stated up your own snack production, I have made a very short list of five most important things you need to start up your business;

  1. Get A Snack Production Business plan Template – A feasibility study on snack production should be one of the first things you should get, like I said earlier on this article, the snack production business plan will serve as a guide, the business plan contains some vital information that will ease you start up. One may think that setting up a business like this is very easy, but until you start, you will never know.
  2. Business name – A catchy name wouldn’t be a bad idea, all you need is a simple and easy to remember name, back that up with a nice design of your business logo, sometimes business logo can as well be a marketing tool. Ensure to make the right choices for your business.
  3. Location – Most people do not understand what a good location can do for their business, a good location is as good as a good business name, hence the need to be on the lookout for the best possible location for your business.
  4. Register your business And Obtain NAFDAC Clearance – Getting NAFDAC approval will save you from a lot trouble especially when the business starts growing. NAFDAC is responsible for the regulation of food in Nigeria, ensure to follow all the available rules in order to get this approval. As for registration off business name, you can do that with CAC.
  5. Buy Equipment – Price of these equipment might not be stable that is why I won’t be adding a price tag to the list of equipment I will be writing out;
  • Deep fryer.
  • Work tables
  • Freezer and refrigerator.
  • Mixer
  • Show glass
  • Slicer
  • Food processor
  • Spoons (get them in different sizes)
  • Different types of cake pans
  • Packaging nylons
  • Muffin trays
  • Trays
  • Sealing machine etc.

Other Stuff you need include skilled workers or maybe employ those who you will teach, and then working materials such as flour, sugar, water, Butter, yeast, edible fat, Salt, eggs, vegetable oil etc.

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