Travel Agency Business Plan in Nigeria

Travel Agency Business Plan in Nigeria 2024 Sample

Before going into any business venture, it is important to at least know the trend of things in the society, knowing the trend will help you to understand what the people want and also device

a strategy on how to go about meeting the needs of these people.

Travel agency business has become so lucrative that a lot of people are going into it and yet it seems as if there is a shortage of travel agents in the country. What this travel agency business plan in Nigeria will help you in achieving includes making you compete in terms of securing part of the market for yourself.

I have people who are still in doubt as per how lucrative travel agency business is, last year alone it was estimated by the bureau of statistic that 185,000 Nigerians traveled to Dubai alone, and over $10,000,000 Million dollars was spent this period, note that this number is for Dubai alone, when we include other places Nigerians visit in numbers you will know that travel agency business is actually a gold mine.

The truth is this… Nigerians travel a lot, and most of these travelers don’t even know how to go about processing their travel document, this is where a travel agent comes in handy, to compete favorably in the industry, you need a solid plan, our travel agency business plan in Nigeria will give you the much needed guideline on how you can set up a travel agency using our business plan.

You need to have a right orientation to be able to thrive in this business. travel business is a global business, hence the need to appear professional too your client, note that the industry is amongst the fastest growing business in Nigeria, not just Nigeria, but in Africa and the world at large, you see, getting more clients most times depends on how professional you operate, as a service provider, you shouldn’t really look at it as a simple venture where you can only make money, it borders on how to renders services and then leave your customers satisfied.

Like I said, the industry is growing and many more people are coming in to contribute using their own travel agency. I understand that loads of people admire the jobs these travel agents do, while many others understands that travel agency business is beyond just booking flights for clients, it goes way more than that, this post will give you some tips on how you can make money through travel agency, how you can start a travel agency in Nigeria etc.

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Why Do People Travel?

Over the years, people have always traveled without having to worry about so many things, things such as visa and the rest of them, once heard back in the days that Nigerians could actually travel to Great Britain without having Visa, all you need is your international passport.

I believe those where the days when you could argue that no travel agent was needed, things have changed and today, you in one way or the other need a travel agent to go about travel preparation, I doubt any country will admit you into their country without a visa, the process is becoming cumbersome.

With all these stress of travelling and the logistics involved, the question now is, why do people travel? I’ll list a few reasons, reasons you are possibly aware of, see below;

  • People travel for vacation; recently the main destination for vacation for an average Nigerian is Dubai, it used to be Seychelles, South Africa, Kenya, the Caribbean etc in reality people actually travel to places they can afford and also places that is trending.
  • People travel for special celebration; a lot of people have questioned the morality of having to travel to other places just for wedding celebration, engagement when the couple involved are Nigerians who live in Nigeria, but decided to travel to these places just for the mentioned purposes. The thing is people will always attach importance to these special celebrations, Musician and politician Banky W travelled to South African for his honeymoon, other who had their celebration outside the shores of Nigeria includes, Tu-face Idibia (wedding).
  • People Travel for business meeting etc

Duties Of Travel Agents In Nigeria

I stated earlier that travel agency business is beyond just booking flight tickets for clients. By the time you get our travel agency business plan in Nigeria, you will have a clear picture of all the duties of a travel agent, among these duties includes the following;

  • Flight booking – It is the agents responsibility to book your flight for your travel, he will give you all the necessary travel details like departure time etc
  • Hotel reservationHotel reservations must be on the list of services your agency provide, a client shouldn’t get to his/her destination and be stranded, this means as an agent, you must have knowledge of hotel booking.
  • Transportation – This should be for the clients when they get to their destination. It makes the experience educational, this can as well drive up the potential for transportation business.
  • Guide – Sometimes as an agency, you can go out of your way to secure city guide for client, there is no fun in getting lost in a city where you are new and on vacation or other special occasion.

Basically the travel agent helps you to dot the I and cross the Tee for you in your travel preparation. It is understandable that the processing travel document is stressful, that is why you have your travel agents all round and also why you should start your own travel agency.

How To A Start Travel Agency Business in Nigeria

Basically, travel agency industry is a service providing industry that does not require serious machinery or heavy equipment just like you have in most businesses today, however, just like any other business you have to be ready to survive the competition, remain relevant and also maintain a high reputation in the industry, here are steps;

  • Research to know how to run the business – The fact is that you need to know more than just the duties of travel agency, if possible, introduce new things in your service provision that other are not rendering. Not knowing enough could cost you much more in terms of money. Having knowledge of the business equates to running the business with a plan, get a business plan and grow your business strategically, you can actually learn from other travel agents, learning from other travel agency includes building a client base also go for training if possible.
  • Get Certified – To the best of my knowledge, agency business does not require any kind of certification, however, to be seen as a professional agency, you could actually get a degree in tourism, this is just to make your CV look and to make potential client take you serious.
  • Get an office Space – With N500,000, you could start up officially, no equipment or machinery to buy, all you need is an office space, get your office stuff like table, chairs, writing materials etc. the thing is that you can actually start small and then aim to get higher.
  • Get A Business Plan – With the travel agency business plan in Nigeria, you know a lot more about the business, and also you know how to spend responsibly, the business plan will have strategies of attracting customers, creating awareness, gives your agency an operational objectives etc
  • Hire qualified workforce – You need more hands in the area of logistics, hire the number of people that will suit your office capacity.
  • Register your business – Get a business name for your travel agency, you really do not want a name that sounds like your competitors. visit Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), also search for travel agency body in Nigeria (Association) and register your business there also. All these registrations must be done to avoid embarrassments.

Hurry Now! Get the Updated Travel Agency Business Plan In Nigeria feasibility study PDF (Including The Financial Projections), pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Account Name – Okite Joseph ikenna

Account No – 0044083736

Once payment is made for the Travel Agency Business Plan In Nigeria feasibility study PDF, send the following (i) a valid email address and (ii) your payment details to any of these numbers – 07039768549.

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