Tissue paper production business plan

Tissue paper production business plan in Nigeria is documents which can helps a new business owner or say an entrepreneur to set up his tissue business without much stress. Like I’ll always say, that a business plan in writing is a business half executed.

With a business plan you have an insight on what next to do, in this case setting up a toilet tissue production business. Just as we have with paper manufacturing business, the tissue production business somehow makes use of the same materials, now with a business plan, you get to know the type of materials you need for your tissue production, also with the financial analysis you get to know the cost of setting up a tissue paper factory in Nigeria.

The truth is that a lot of your questions will be answered when you read a business plan and then understand the cost implication of such business. For most new business owners or say entrepreneur, who do not have startup capital or fund for their business but they want to access fund through financial institution offering loan facilities.

With a well written business plan, an entrepreneur can access loan facility to either start a new business or expand an already existing business. That simply means with the tissue paper production business plan or feasibility study you can access loans, grants etc. As stated earlier, we will look at tissue paper manufacturing in Nigeria and also the process of setting up a tissue paper factory in Nigeria.

Tissue Paper Business In Nigeria

By way of introduction, tissue paper is also known as toilet rolls, can be regarded as a common commodity which can be seen in every home. A little secret, tissue is also on demand, this commodity isn’t associated with any particular season, can be used for many purposes. for individuals who want to go into the sale of tissue as business, there is a guaranteed market that will always be there to patronize you, the reason why the market for tissue is so large is because this is an every home commodity, just like snack business where you will always have a market for, although not in the same class, but tissue paper production is one of the most viable businesses out there.

The thing is that due to the need for personal and collective hygiene, tissue paper has become a necessity both for our homes, offices, public convenient spaces etc.

How To Start A Lucrative Tissue Paper Production Business

This must be the question anyone who has the interest to start a tissue paper production business now, like I stated earlier, the business is a lucrative one especially when the right thing is done, here I will make a list of things you should or say “MUST DO” consider before diving in the business of making tissue paper.

Have considered the size of the business you want to run with reference to the capital available, here are other stuff to consider before you start;


  1. Know The Business – This could as well mean to carryout proper research on the said business, the truth is that you will never know a thing unless you make enquiry about the thing, by carrying out a proper research on the business you understand better on how you go about handling things, this will also help you in cutting down cost of so many things, which would never be possible if you didn’t have the knowledge.

Having a prior knowledge of the business before starting will prepare you on what to expect when you finally kickoff. This is actual for all businesses out there, with reference to setting up a tissue paper production business in Nigeria.

Also having this prior knowledge will enable you to cut your coat according to your size, know the capacity you can handle, this early knowledge from your research will form the basis of your decision making. Note that implementing the knowledge gathered from your research are very vital for the decision making process, it has to be a slow and steady process, this is to ensure you do not make losses even before the business starts.


  1. Business Plan – The second step is getting a business plan that can help you set up the new business. Note, like I stated earlier, a business plan could be used either for an existing business or a new business just like in this case of setting up a tissue paper production business.

A well written business plan factors in items and stuff that will normally escape your mind, a business plan has room for both the long term plans as well as the short term plans. You also get to know most importantly when and what you need in terms fund and other logistics to started up the business, things like the type of equipment and other machineries to get, a suitable location, your staff base as well as the material you will need for your first production.


  1. Obtain A formal Training – This is like wise important because having a proper training exposes you to more information about the business, if you can you can opt for a formal if not go to an institute with a track record in this field. A business that requires a large capital will require a proper training, you don’t want to waste your hard earned money.


  1. Location – Secure a good enough location for your tissue paper manufacturing company. Note that this type of company should not be located in residential area. Apart from the noise, you need a place large enough to set up your factory, a factory that will contain machinery and other equipment.


  1. Business Registration And Licensing – This entails the selection of a business name, logo and maybe symbol if necessary, get your business name registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. There is an easier process where you get to do it yourself, but for clarity get a lawyer or engage a CAC accredited agent who will help in the aspect of business registration.


Advantages Of Starting A Tissue Paper Business

There are loads of advantage to starting a business such as this, will only discuss two;

  1. Longevity (No Expiry Dates) – Tissue can as well be classified as non perishable goods, as they do not have expiry date, you get to produce at a high rate just for keeps and storage. Another benefit in this is that you can produce in large quantity when the cost of production is low and store for when cost goes high.
  2. Always In Demand – There seem to be a constant demand for this commodity, this is a commodity you get in both public and private establishments like the banks, schools, hotels, churches, offices etc, this only means one thing, high demand for the product.


Disadvantage (Demerit) Of Starting A Tissue Paper Business

Briefly, here are some of the things you get to contend with as a tissue paper manufacturer in Nigeria;

  1. High level of competition – There are loads of tissue paper manufacturing companies out there, however, you can still compete if you put your plans in place. We have already established the fact that there is a high demand for the commodity, it is now your duty to get as much customers as possible.
  2. Branding – Branding will help you to engage to engage other manufactures competitively, you need a catchy name, logo that is easy to remember, the aim is to also become a household name and number one in the business.

There you have it, Now get a tissue paper production business plan to get started.

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