How to Start a Daycare Center In Nigeria

How to Start a Daycare Center In Nigeria

Daycare business plan in Nigeria – one of the questions I will be addressing on this post “How to start a daycare center in Nigeria”

is the requirements for opening a nursery school in Nigeria, a day care center as well as a few things that you will need to be in place before you can begin your full operation.

Our daycare business plan in Nigeria is a soft copy file or folder with relevant information on how you can go about the opening of your daycare center. This file can as well serve other important purposes, purposes such as using it to source for bank loan, especially if you are finally constraint, while applying, you can attach your daycare business in Nigeria to give it a little more credibility, you can also use it for applying for grant, it can be government or private institution issuing this grant, all you got to do, just like applying for bank loan, attach this daycare business plan to your application, this business plan can also be used f

What Is DayCare?

Before going ahead to make enquiries about how to start a daycare center in Nigeria, you should at least know what it means, according to oxford dictionary, daycare means a daytime care for people who cannot be fully independent, such as children or elderly people. In essence a place where “children would be looked after in day care and mothers would work

What the last line means is that, a daycare implies that parents can take their kids to a center known as a daycare, and there these kids will be taken care of, these parents can take their kids at the end of the day’s work.

How to Start a Daycare Center In Nigeria

Considering the rise in the population of the country, it has become necessary that individuals set up private daycare to supplement the already existing ones, the increase in marriages and child’s birth simply means that working class moms will always look for trusted day cares centers where they will keep their kids, now the answer to how to start a daycare center in Nigeria has been listed below;

Get A Business Plan – Here is how it works, after conceiving a business plan, to bring it into reality successfully, you need an outright plan. Now how do you get a business plan that can help you actualize that goal? Simple, you can buy our daycare business plan in Nigeria, the business plan contains financial projection of the business, market analysis, competitive analysis etc you get to learn all about how to start a daycare center in Nigeria, another option is to hair an expert to help you in writing a viable plan, in essence you need plan to being with.

Financing – Next is financing the business, this entails getting all that is required in running the business, this includes getting different equipments for running a day to day daycare center. Like I stated earlier on this post, we discussed how you can source for fund using your business plan.

Employment – Your workforce will only determine how successful the business can be, and employing the most qualified staff will help in this regard, and again experience should be one of your criteria in employing, why do your need experience workers? Handling kids requires patience and perseverance and an individual who isn’t experienced might feel frustrated with all the activities that involved in the day to day running of a daycare center. Also employ those who has the ability to bring friendly atmosphere at the day care center.

Choose Location – In choosing a location, here are the things you should consider;

  • Security
  • Facility in the location which includes proper plumbing, constant electricity supply, outdoor playground, toys, etc.

Also select a location where parent can easily reach or access while going to work, so selecting a location around a neighbourhood with families will do the magic.

Requirements for Opening a Daycare Center

Here are the basic requirements for starting a day care center in Nigeria;

  • Register your business name – This is very important, after choosing a name, go ahead with registering it with Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C)., every day care has their own name registered
  • There is a need to apply for a license that grants you permission to run a daycare, usually it is obtainable at Ministry of Women Affairs.

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