How To Start Grasscutter Farming In Nigeria

How To Start Grasscutter Farming In Nigeria

The previous article on the subject of grasscutter farming in Nigeria, we discussed at length some of the things you need to write a perfect business plan for a grasscutter farming business in Nigeria. We went further to discuss how lucrative grasscutter can be if a proper investment is made, by proper investment I mean following to the later the instructions on your grasscutter farming business plan in Nigeria.

I also described grasscutter which is also known as Greater Cane Rat, grasscutter in a more conventional term is a rodent, grasscutter belongs to the rodent family, rodent actually looks more like a rat or even a rabbit, however, expert have a way of distinguishing between all the members of the rodent family, in the case of grasscutter, it has a spiky or spiny on its back and then with a remarkable nose that really makes it to look different from rats.

There is also a description of the size of a grasscutter from length, its mm at maturity, on the issue of lucrative-ness from grasscutter farming business, with effective and efficient running of the business, you could make up to an average of N2.5 million on the yearly basis, this really explains why I am writing this to illustrate how to start grasscutter farming business in Nigeria. Unlike other rodents, it is understandable that grasscutter is the only one that you rear, majorly grasscutter has a high tendency of survival in most West African countries like Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mali etc and even other African regions like Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya etc.

Grass cutter however remains an animal that extremely valuable commercially. The question now is how do you rear this animal in any of the countries in Africa or Nigeria in particular?

How To Start Grasscutter farming Business In Nigeria

With a known fact that grass cutters reproduce fast and they do this in large number and has the high tendency of growing bigger fast; that is why it is proper to start making enquiries on how to start a farm that will nurture these edible animals.  Here are the things you will need to start up;

  • A location – In farming grasscutter, you need a sizable colony; their farm is often referred to as colony. A fun fact to this is that by observation, it is difficult to rear two adult grasscutter male together, in essence there is a technique required for this. Grasscutter farmers are advised to start their business with at least a male; they can have as much females as they want, except the colony is large enough to house a high number of males together. For starters it is advisable to begin with either one or two colony, where each of the colony will house at least one male and two to four females, this formation will increase the numbers within a very short time
  • Rearing – this is when the actual breeding takes place, a grasscutter farmer must be intentional in making sure the animals mature well before they are sold for profit, these are mainly preserved for meat. This means a lot of technical knowhow must be put in place to get the desired result, in essence select a preferred breeding live stock. Ensure that all the grasscutters in each of the colony remain health since a healthy male grasscutter is a sure guarantee for reproduction. The health regime should not be restricted to the male grasscutter, the female should as well be looked into, because if any of the species have any kind of health issues, reproduction might not take place.
  • Build A Shelter – You can either build them a small cage that can house them or a house where they can grow really well, the cage should accommodate them according to the formation you want to place them, it should be spacious enough to either dine or play. The place must as well be clean as they are said to be sensitive to their environment. An example of an ideal cage should be 180cm in length and then 60cm in width, the height should be 45cm.

Other things you must put in place or consider in order to have a proper grasscutter farming business in Nigeria includes but not limited to the following;

  • Feeding The Grasscutters – This is very important to the growth of the animals, feeding the grasscutters properly ensures they grow well and remain healthy.
  • Weaning time – Proper feed helps the immature grasscutter wean between four to eight weeks.
  • Look for The Market For Grasscutter – All the time and money spent on rearing/breeding the grasscutter, the essence is to have them sold for a profit, search for a market for your grasscutter.

In conclusion, with an animal that has a high reproductive rate, say twice a year and at each birth produces between 3 to 8 grasscutter, you stand a chance of making it big, especially when you use a grasscutter business plan in Nigeria manual to set up you farm. Now you at least have an idea on how to start grasscutter farming business in Nigeria.

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