How to Start Cold Room / Frozen Food Business in Nigeria

How to Start Cold Room / Frozen Food Business in Nigeria

Over the years I have come to an understanding that Nigeria is a hub for new businesses and the budding environment enables a thriving atmosphere for new businesses to boom, it also allows new innovations and ideas.

Research has shown that Nigeria has one of the highest potentials in terms of growing new business irrespective of the perceived harsh economic conditions, although the ease of doing business in the country has been put under consideration due to government policies which has most times discouraged entrepreneurs. Cold room / frozen food business in Nigeria has all of a sudden become an important aspect of the country’s economy, owning it to the banning of frozen food importation.

Years back, most of the frozen food consumed by the Nigeria population (many Nigerian families) was mostly food imports from Asia as well as other food exporting nations, however with the policy of banning these food imports, people are beginning to ask questions on how to start cold room / frozen food business in Nigeria. The business has become so big that most people now their frozen food business in collaboration with businesses such as Poultry farms and other Livestock farms, the idea is to constantly have access to fresh products. Unlike the situation where they had to rely on imported stocks that they have little knowledge on how long there have been stored or the procedure that was used to store the food.

According reports, in recent years, there has been a rise in the demand of frozen food, most especially in the urban areas, this is very much understandable owing to the fact that the urban life is the fast type, however, one cannot deny the extent to which these frozen products has become so important to most Nigerian homes.

The fact remains that in the urban areas, people are usually not patient enough to wait for the long process of preparing a live turkey, chicken, goat or any other edible live stock products, that is why it will be very easy for an individual to walk into any cold room store or a frozen food shop and request for whatever food he wants and it will be freshly delivered. Some of these businesses even introduced home delivery of your fresh fish, fresh chicken or even goat meat to home.

How Important Is Cold Room / Frozen Food Business In Nigeria

Nigeria is not particularly known for her agricultural prowess although, the potentials in that sector of the economy has never been in doubt, however, one cannot really question the important role these cold rooms play in the lives of the average Nigerian family, the thing is beyond meeting the food need of customers, here are some of the reasons interested entrepreneurs inquire on how to start cold room / frozen food business in Nigeria;

For Convenience – Like I stated earlier, edibles at these cold rooms or frozen food shop are already processed food, all you need to do is to pay and your portion will be handed to you, and of course they are sold in kilograms, and depending on the particular food you want to buy. The food is serve at your own convenience and some shop even go further in their customer services by offering home delivery services, you only have to place an order through a phone call or an online platform and your frozen food will be delivered right from the cold room.

For Preservation – It is an already established fact that accessing fresh food in the urban area can be a very difficult task, however, this can be achieved through the services of cold room / frozen food shop, here there is ease of food preservation, the fishes are fresh, the Goat meat are fresh, even the poultry edible products like eggs are fresh. You do not have to worry over the freshness of the food as long as the frozen food store is actively serving its customers.

Why Do People Patronize Frozen Food Business In Nigeria

There are a thousand and one reasons for this, however, what other way can you access fresh food in urban area other than from a frozen food store? Just like I stated earlier, among many reasons why people have now come to terms with patronizing frozen food store is that, they are easiest place you can get fresh food at your own convenience and the food there are usually well preserved in the cooling system.

Most importantly, the price factor, price is relatively low considering the time it took to get the food to the stage it is being sold. Some outfit sell a kilogram of frozen chicken for N1,000 others sell for N1,200. The price is relative to the location or the state the business is. You can agree with me that prices of this commodity cannot be the same in the following places (i) Abuja (ii) Lagos (iii) Port Harcourt (iv) Enugu etc

How to Start Cold Room / Frozen Food Business in Nigeria

These are the Basic things you need to get your cold room / frozen food business going, note that the business requires enough capital to begin;

Start With A Plan – Ordinarily every business begins with a plan, this plan must cover how you can raise your start up capital if you do not have a capital already, outline the niche you want to prioritise, in essence, focusing on a particular type of frozen products until you are ready to expand. The real deal here is to survive the early stage of the business and then thrive, there are no rule to getting a business plan; hence you can consult a professional to help you in writing a business plan. In essence, you must have conducted a research before starting the business.

Register The Business Name – This should be one of the first few things you must do as an entrepreneur that is getting your business name registered. Visit any Corporate Affairs Commission office in your state and have your business registered. Also ensure you register with the necessary association which will help protect your business interest.

Search for A Suitable Location – Market place seems to be the best location for a cold room / frozen food business. Setting up a frozen food shop here will ensure an easy access to your business. If you cannot get a space at any of the market, you can rent a shop at any busy street with high traffic.

Hunt for Customers – There are other frozen food shops already in the market, what do you do to grow your customer base? You start by advertising through any available medium.

Get Equipment – There are equipment needed to successfully run a frozen food business, ensure you have every one of them in place before opening shop.

Finally, the question on how to start cold room / frozen food business in Nigeria can never be overemphasized, hence the need for more people to venture into the business sector and take advantage of the thriving business today.

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