Crèche Business Plan in Nigeria

Crèche Business Plan in Nigeria | 2024 Business Sample

How to Start a Creche at Home – This is one business that is simply beyond the money that the owner earns, when making inquiries on how to start a day care center in Nigeria or in any other country, money is usually the least on the list of things to gain, although the business comes with its own gains (Profits).

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One of the things that should be on your mind is the possibility of offering a service that could actually be for free, but you are offering the same for a fee, Creche business is one that has everything to do with passion, while planning on starting a creche center in your vicinity, one of the question you should ask yourself is if you have passion for kids, more so passion for taking care of other peoples kids.

When your look or see pictures of creche rooms in Nigeria, most of them are filled with happy faces of kids, it really doesn’t end there, there are situations that will prompt attention of the proprietor, situation when one of the kid is crying and another is sick or hungry, in situations like this, you need patience to be able to handle how strenuous the situation can be.

Post Focus

On this post, we will try to give answers to the numerous questions we keep getting as pertaining how to register a crèche business in Nigeria, also we will try our best to give you the few requirement for opening a crèche in Nigeria, also I’ll make a short list of the things needed in starting a crèche.

Before we proceed, I’ll like to clarify on the confusions relating to crèche business and day care business, on the post Daycare Business plan In Nigeria I explained what Daycare means, here I’ll also explain what crèche means, crèche is simply a place parents who are in the working class category keep their young children, there these kids are looked after, while these parents go on about their businesses or other activities as the case maybe. Crèche shares the same similarities with daycare, however, there is a child’s home where babysitting is only done, day care business as well as crèche business has services that covers for both babysitting and formal preschool education for a child’s development and discipline.

How To Register A Crèche Business In Nigeria

In business school, we were made to understand that a registered business is an entirely different entity from the owner, this is obviously applicable to every business concern out there, while contemplating on starting a business in Nigeria, there are things you must have to do, one of which is the registration of the business, now hoe do you register your crèche business in Nigeria? See below,

  • Choose the name to use – The first thing to do is to choose or selecting the name that best suits your crèche business idea, it should be catchy, easy to say and pronounce.
  • Proceed to the CAC – CAC mean corporate affairs commission, this is the agency in charge of business registration, especially new businesses, what the CAC does here is that they accept application from different entrepreneurs who wants to start a business, on your first visit, you will present the name of the business you want to register, they will check their data base if there is a business with the name, in the situation there is non, you will then be required to pay a fee of N10,000, you can do this through a lawyer… this process usually last for about three weeks maximum.
  • Business name certificate – After a successful registration, you will be issued your business name certificate of registration.

Requirement For Opening A Crèche in Nigeria

When going into a particular business, there are some requirement you are expected to meet up with, this is also applicable to crèche business in Nigeria, after following the steps required for registering a business in Nigeria, the next is to ensure you have the following, at least before you commence operation;

Location: Get a location preferably at any cool area or location, this is because, most times these kids needs to sleep, setting up in a noisy environment will not be helpful in this regard. Also it is important to set up in a residential area, especially an estate, your potential customer’s kids live in these estate, if not an estate, you can choose to set up in an dense residential area.

Business name Registration And Licensing: We’ve already discussed registration of your business name and the process involved, also go to the ministry of women affairs and apply for licensing. Ensure you are licensed and that your business is legally registered before opening shop.

Employ Qualified And Reliable Staff Members – Getting more have in the running of the business will go a long way in making the business successful, taking care of kids can be tough, however, with more hands it can get a lot more easier.

Administrative Aspect – Every Kid registered at your crèche should at least have a record, it is important to know the number of kids at your disposal, know how many kids that comes to your crèche every day, knowing parents who are yet to pay, keeping records on everything ensure you keep account of every kid at your crèche.

Other requirement to meet up with includes;

Equipment for the crèche – This includes Office desk, chair, papers, Toys, Wipes and diapers, Kiddies table and chairs, Bedding etc

Decoration of the Creche – This includes

  • Learning posters of alphabets
  • Colorful paintings
  • Picture of animals
  • Learning posters of numbers Etc.

Adverts through the Creation of Awareness – Use mediums such as flyers, word of mouth etc to inform those in your neighborhood.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Crèche In Nigeria

This actually depends on the state and region you intend to set up, take for example, setting up in Lagos will cost more than setting up in Ekiti, Bayelsa or Ebonyi, hence there are factors you should look at before estimating how much setting up the business will cost;

  • Rent – How much is rent in your state of residence, a small space in Enugu depending on the area might cost about N70,000, N150,000 or even N250,000, depends on the area you plan on setting up, this is also applicable to other states.
  • Acceptance – The crèche system is not fully accepted in many states, acceptance in the sense that most parents do not buy into the idea of keeping their kids with someone else, this can affect your income.
  • Cost of buying Equipment – This also applicable to rents, there are no unifying price for items in every state or location, however, a simple estimation will go a long way.

Finally, irrespective of the cost involved in setting up this business, there is an assurance if well managed can be very profitable at the end of the day.

Get our sample crèche business plan in Nigeria PDF Feasibility Study (Including The Financial Projections), pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Account Name – Okite Joseph ikenna

Account No – 0044083736

After payment, send your full name, email address and topic (i.e. Sample crèche business plan in Nigeria pdf) to 07039768549. Your business plan will be sent to your email within 15 minutes.

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