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Top 10 Business Plan In Nigeria To Buy In 2024

Every business that ended up successful started with an idea and then with a plan that saw that the business succeeded on the long run. meanwhile the idea of having a business plan before starting a business is never old school, rather the idea should be reinforced and also encouraged, this is because a lot of people go into the business they dream of blind and without a clear cut idea on how to go about setting up the business or the financial implication for setting up such business, however, a business plan at hand will give you the right mindset on how to go about setting up your business.

There are loads and loads of businesses that have plans out there, business that very much lucrative, businesses that will even enable you build a career out of it, all that is required from your own part is to identify the business you may have dreamed of and invest, or a business that suits your interest, all that matters is that at the end of the day you are making your earns meets. Below is a list of top 10 business plans in Nigeria that you could buy and further your course in business. You could invest your business in this business and all you get to do is seat back and relax until you start making your returns. Although you must ensure that you adhere to all the instruction required for the business to be successful, this includes business management and business marketing.

Note  that businesses listed here are legitimate businesses that requires your hard work for it to succeed, these businesses are reliable and would earn you returns on your investments when you manage it properly and efficiently, the business plans are regularly updated to match current market evaluation, read carefully below;

1 – Supermarket Business

This type of business requires that you get a supermarket business plan in Nigeria to begin with, and then continue working with the important information in the business plan. Supermarkets in Nigeria is big business, despite the fact that nearly every street in Nigeria has one or two supermarkets, it doesn’t stop the fact that they all make good sales at the end of the day. Supermarket business requires a lot to thrive, it requires commitment, diligence, patience and then discipline, without strict discipline, you might eat your profit and capital even before you know it, keep proper record of sales will go a long way. You’d be surprised if i say that most mini business people first thought of venturing into supermarket or kiosk business before going into the business they now do today, this is because people will always demand for what you sale in your shop.

2 – Catfish Farming

Inquiries on catfish farming has been the highest I have had since this platform was launched, truth is that people will always ask for fish, either for cooking their meals or for eating. Research has shown that Nigerian eat more of fish at restaurants, bars or even joints than they eat any other meat, and the best fish suitable for roasted or grills is the catfish, that is way where you have two or three people gathered at a joint, they are probably going to order for fish. Fish has remained a source of income both for the fish farmers, the fish dealers as well as those who sell to the final consumers like the joints and restaurants. This is why when considering a business to try out, consider fish farming and ensure you carry out your due diligence at the end of the day, this will enable great results on a long run.

3 – Solar Energy Installation

Solar energy installation just has to be one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria today, in fact is that for a business to be considered lucrative you have to look that the need the business will be addressing, in the case of solar energy installation, it will help creating more energy source for businesses that relay on power and homes also. We already know the deficiency in power in Nigeria, that is why starting up an energy installation company will always be a welcome idea. With over 20 million people who live in darkness in Nigeria, it should be easier to identify where your market is and who you should be marketing to. Setting up the most effective way can be done using a business plan, that is why a Nigeria business plan in this regard should be one of the fist things you get before any other thing. A business plan in this business will put you in the right direction.

4 – Bread Bakery

One product that nearly everyone consumed is bread, you will find it in every supermarket, eatery, malls, on the street even at the park, the reason why it is everywhere is because you will always have people demanding for it. The high demand for bread has made bread making a very lucrative business, so getting a business plan and deciding to start your own brand of bread making is a welcome idea. The truth is your brand of bread might be what someone out there is waiting for. Get a business plan and get started.

5 – Restaurant Business

On this you can include eatery, mama put as well as other places where you could have good meal. where to eat has not always been a problem to most Nigerians, the only issue here is the quality of food, is it a meal you can comfortably eat or just manage as the case may be, however, you could be the difference in this respect, by properly organizing your small restaurant and then selling edible meal, one thing about good food is that people get to know about you even without putting much work on adverts, most times it is the people who come to your restaurant that spread the word on your behalf even without telling them to. Good restaurants make good money especially when you know what you are doing.

6 – Poultry Farming

Poultry farming business is just like catfish farming, there is always a high demand for edible farm product, be it crops or live stocks, just poultry which is one of the lucrative business venture out there for you to explore. There is a high demand for poultry product especially during festive period. Investing in this venture guarantees a high level of returns.

7 – Hair Salon

This is another lucrative business ventures, a simple visit to a hair salon for either male or female will tell how lucrative the business is. And the good thing about this business is that everyone is a customer, from the little children to adult, since everyone wants to look good, the hair salon is where you can get what you need, due to that high number of people that want to get a touch on their hair, this business can be considered one of the top businesses that can earn you huge returns on your investment.

8 – Soap Making

When you go to the market you will see over a hundred type of soaps, both homemade and industrial made, however, the amazing thing about these is that these soaps is that there is make for every type of soap in the market, I have met families that prefer Dudun-osun, even when you give them those expensive soaps, the truth is that as our skins differs, so also should the soap we use be different. All you need in this business is learning the skill and then registering and start production. You product might be someone’s skin solution out there.

9 – Dry Cleaning & Laundry

I’ve seen people who made it big through this business. What most people do not understand especially those university graduate is that to earn a living in this country legitimately you must ensure you provide services that the people are interested in, one of such services is the dry cleaning and laundry business. RCC in Ebonyi state Abakaliki start small those days, today’s he is like the number one dry cleaning firm in the town, all that is required is having a business plan in Nigeria, and then working with the business plan.

10 – Pure Water Business

The challenges or inabilities to secure clean and good drinking water has turned pure water making into a money spinning venture. This business is one of the most lucrative businesses out there, this is because of the high demand on water, especially if it is drinking water. Investing in this business should be done with a good business plan in Nigeria.

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