Shoe Making Business Plan In Nigeria

Shoe Making Business Plan In Nigeria 2024 Sample

How To Start Show Making Business In Nigeria – When it comes to a persons dress code or attire, one of the places that easily draws attention is the persons feet, this is because to so many people, what you wear at your feet describes the kind of person that you are, that is why to most people what they put on their feet is as important as what they wear on their body.

Truth to that fact, everybody wears shoe, from adults to kids, from men to women, there are even experts on shoes who can tell you what to buy, what to wear and how to wear them. The importance attached to shoes prompted this shoe making business plan in Nigeria feasibility study article, which is usually updated regularly and can equally help you in obtaining loans from banks, access grants as well as can be used for business proposals.

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Among the many questions that I got recently in my inbox is the question on How to start a shoe making business or how to start a shoe manufacturing business, someone also asked how lucrative shoe making business is, this post on shoe making business will focus on shoe making business.

With interest there are things you need to get before you can get started with or the factors which you must consider before you go ahead with your business plans, these factors will stress on the type of shoes you want to start making, is it for a particular gender or do you have unisex in mind, the sizes of shoes you want to be making and a whole lot of other important things you need.

By a way of introduction, shoes are important in our everyday hustle, this is because our feet needs to be protected from any possible hurt, apart from that people are mostly addressed by how clean and classy their shoes are, some will tell you a person’s class can be dictated by their shoes. Just like many people I take my shoes serious too given the attached importance. Now there are various types and styles of shoes out there, they comes in different designs, shapes, color, sizes, texture, quality etc.

These variety are made available due to the long list of fashion designs out there in the market. the truth is that shoes are meant to match the cloths you are putting on, any wrong combination can actually make you appear like a clown, in order to not ruin an entire outfit you need to wear stuffs that actually rhyme, they can actually make you to appear classy.

How Lucrative Is Shoe Making Business In Nigeria?

To answer the question of how profitable shoe making can be, you need to examine the population of Nigeria, and then the number of people who wear shoes, then you will understand that shoes is as important as the cloths we wear.

The fact is that shoe making is lucrative, going by the above narrative, let’s assume that in a population of over 180 million, that half that number wears shoes, than shoe manufacturer will probably be producing for at least 90 million people, note that it can be more owing to the fact that these days you hardly see anybody walking the street that doesn’t have a shoe on their feet.

Also put into consideration that most Nigerians have assorted shoes, in fact research has shown that an average Nigerian has at least two shoes, one for special occasions or religious activities and the other for work or better still call it office shoe, note that some people have up to five shoes or more, I used to be in that category, I’ve been to a friend’s house who owns up to eleven (11) shoes, when I asked him, he said he doesn’t want to be stranded at any day and also he doesn’t want to be repeating the same shoe every day, since the shoe might not last longer than expected if he continues to wear just one shoe.

Patronage for shoes becomes even higher during festive season, especially during December period. Ask any shoe maker around you, he/she will tell your that December is their busiest period, this is not to say you only get jobs during this period, their jobs all year round just that the demand during this period is usually higher, and you know the outcome, when the demand for a commodity goes high in the market, the prices for the commodity goes high as well if the supply of the commodity cannot match the demand. In essence foot-wear making business in Nigeria is a very lucrative business.

What You Need To Get Started With Your Shoe Making Business

Write A Business Plan – Although this business is capital intensive if only you have plans of starting small, either big or small, this business requires you start up with a plan, either you write the plan or you get an expert to do it for you, you also have the option of buying from us. Meanwhile you business plan must contain basic information about the business.

Select a niche – This is also important because shoe making is very wide, you need to chose the category of shoe you are going to be making, we have the male, female, children etc. select the categories you will be making shoes for and also outline among the following the one you will be making

  • Loafers
  • Heels or flat shoes
  • Sandals
  • Slipper or Slip-on
  • Boots
  • Formal and Informal shoes etc

By selecting a niche, you can easily thrive especially if you are a sole shoe maker, you can chose to expand and also include other category into the brand of shoes you make.

Raise Your Capital – If you haven’t done this already, then plan towards raising a capital for your business. Funding your business is injecting blood in a human, just as blood brings life money brings your business idea into reality.

Location – This absolutely depends on the size of business that you want. however, as a sole shoe maker, starting small is the way to go especially if you do not have money to rent a work shop, I have a friend, she started her shoe making business in her room when it became a bit serious, she relocated to their compounds frontage, she is still building her brand, in essence, you can actually start from home. However, renting a shop, the best location should be the market or anywhere close to a busy area, this creates a bit of awareness for your business. A good location should target your potential market and should be close to your raw materials.

Business Registration and Branding – Some of the best shoe brands today comes with their specified local or trade mark, now to achieve this same type of professionalism, you need too get your business registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, you will be licensed to use your name the logo or trade mark you intend to use. Now your products can be easily recognized anywhere in the world

Material – Quality shoe manufacturing entails using the best materials you can get, we have shoes made from leather, rubber, animal skin, wool etc and then you have materials such as thread for sowing the shoes and also gum (either industrial or local) ensure you use the best of materials which will give you the desired quality.

Advertisement – One way of advertising your products is by manufacturing quality products, that alone can announce you, however, make use of social media, like my friend, the one I made mention of earlier, she usually share pictures of her products on her social media handle, she also share pictures of her production process, people gets to see the thorough job she puts in every one of her shoes. Treat your customers well, encourage them to share your products on their social media handle and to also tell other of your products.

Hurry now, TO GET OUR Shoe Making Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Study. Simply order yours by paying N20,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Account Name – Okite Joseph ikenna

Account No – 0044083736

Once payment is made for the Haulage Shoe Making Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Study PDF, send the following info (i) a valid email address and (ii) your payment details to any of these numbers – 07039768549.

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