How To Start Tutorial Centre Business In Nigeria

How To Start Tutorial Centre Business In Nigeria

One of the most paying job in the world is teaching, safe for Africa where politicians take more of the pay, in all fairness teachers are seen as builders of the society and as such has the most responsibility

of moulding the country’s future through the things they teach our young ones. The developed societies understand this concept that is why a lot is being put in place, in terms of teacher’s welfare, pension, salaries, bonuses as well as other things that can make the teaching profession a dream.

In Nigeria, it can be assumed that teachers are not well taken care of, that explains why most of them go into private teaching and tutoring the kids of wealthy people, although rewarding in saner climes, tutors are one of the most important people in the society as indicated before. There is a need for extra classes for many, this has prompted many to start asking questions on how start tutorial centre business in Nigeria, any part of Nigeria, this is because there is a huge opportunity in this sector of our educational system, which has somehow been neglected. It is also profitable to say the least.

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Reasons Why We Have Tutorial Centres In Nigeria

There are several reasons why we have tutorial centre at almost every corner in Nigeria, to many it is for economic purposes or making ends meets, why others consider it simply as their passion, which ever reason why you have yourself in that part of our educational system, the main aim is to ensure that people who encounter you are satisfied at the end of the day. Now I have made a list of reasons why we have tutorial centre businesses across Nigeria today;

– There are exams you simple cannot prepare for in your regular school, exams such as TOEFL, CCNA, ACCA, GMAT etc. Regular school curriculum does not cover these exams, as such private individual now developed the idea of setting up tutorial centres where candidates who registered for these exams can come and be properly prepared, these exams are expensive and it will amount to waste if all you can do is only to try your luck.

– Tutorial centres where design to cover the inefficiencies of the schooling system, like I stated earlier, there is no school that will prepare you for international exams, schools that want to engage in this will definitely do it outside of their school hours.

How To Start Tutorial Centre Business In Nigeria

Starting a tutorial centre business in Nigeria requires a high level of organization, this is especially if when you have limited budget, here is where having a tutorial business plan will come in handy, with a good business plan, you could start up small and then expand it in the future as the business grows, here is how you could start your tutorial centre business in Nigeria;

Get Started – Let us assume you already have a tutorial centre business plan in Nigeria PDF, a start up capital, a location where you are to site your tutorial centre and a business name duly registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission. Now all that is required is knowing how to start tutorial centre business in Nigeria, simply look at the next line.

Draft A Workable Area Of Concentration – Since there are loads of exams to be written, exams such as yearly secondary schools exams like NECO, JAMB, WASSCE,  and then the more expensive exams that takes place more than once in a calendar year, exams such as ICAN, TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS, ICMP, ORACLE, A-Grade, RICS, CCNA etc. It is important you outline the exams you will be preparing candidates for, there is really no point taking students from everywhere when you do not have the capacity or manpower to teach or prepare candidates for the listed exam. Most tutorial centres started with the conventional WAEC, NECO and JAMB, as growth happened they added ICAN classes, today they have added more classes.

Strive To Be The Best In The Industry – Excellence is the keyword here, most people want to know your track record, records such as the percentage of successful candidates who got trained from tutorial centre, this and more can create an aura of excellence about your tutorial centre, excellence in service providing as another key to keeping hold of your customers and also having customers recommending your business (tutorial centre) to others.

Purchasing Tutorial Text Books And Other Coaching Materials – When I was preparing for IELTS exams, I visited one of the centres in Enugu, after registration and all, I was issued reading materials for my personal study, and also I was given a handout that has information of other successful candidates who have gone through this process. I discovered that most standard tutorial centres have mini library where you can get reading materials, most also have in addition an online library where you can access their reading materials. Setting these up could take time and money but you can implement them gradually. Create your own worksheet, lessons plans and distribute writing materials for your student.

Advertisement – Apart from your good work speaking for you, you also need to create some awareness, print fliers, pamphlets and then distribute them at malls, supermarkets, schools etc.

NOTE – It is important to note that tutors must be academically certified to be able to teach, also you should get the necessary certification for your tutorial centre, this is to avoid embarrassing situations in the future.

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