How To Start Real Estate Agency Business In Nigeria

How To Start Real Estate Agency Business In Nigeria

On this platform we have discussed hundreds of business that can earn you money even without breaking a sweat, businesses that requires huge capital and those ones that requires little initial investment, we have even discussed real estate business on one of the articles on this platform, however, due to request by our readers who want to have a firsthand knowledge or idea on how to start real estate agency business In Nigeria.

While others need more information on how to register a real estate company in Nigeria, amongst all that will be addressed on this article is how you can successfully start up your real estate agency in Nigeria. Most real estate agency doubles as property consultancy firm. They create an option for all your property requests, understandably every business is customer driven and it is the duty of the business owner to ensure that every client is satisfied at all time.

Starting up a real estate agency is one thing, but starting it in a more professional way should be your aim, objective and goal. The truth is that mediocrity belittles your business and you do not want that for your infant business. A business such as real estate agency requires you possess the managerial know-how and skill to drive your business to great heights.

From my little research on how businesses succeed, familiarity is one of the factors that makes a business not to thrive, hence ensure you carry out your daily activities with all professionalism, this is what customers will be attracted to, your ability in communication, business management and property management in general.

How To Start Real Estate Agency Business In Nigeria

The following are some steps you can take to have your real estate business up and running;

Get A real Estate Business Plan Manual – The business plan will give an idea of what real estate business is and what you should be doing, how you should be doing it and where you should be doing it. A business plan sample is manual for setting up your business and must be a properly written business plan to convey all the necessary information required to complete the set up.

Business Competency – From your business plan you would have described the nature of your business and how you which to run it, knowing how to run a property consultancy firm gives your business a chance to survive in the industry. Describe your service delivery and professional competency as well as your management skill to your client, the idea is to WOW them and then earn their trust on the long run.

Office Location – I’ve always said that you must choose a good location for your business in order to give it a chance of surviving. You cannot hide a business and expect it to grow at the rate you want. As a property owner who wants a real estate agency to be managed by a consultancy firm, I would want to ensure that agency is an organized one and that they have what it takes to manage a property. Clients look at these things before concluding on who manages their businesses. Get a location at a busy but good (cool) business area.

Register Your Business – This aspect involves many things, first register your agency as a business entity with Corporate Affairs Commission and obtain the relevant licensing for real estate agency, then ensure you have all the knowledge on government policy and also understand them, if you don’t, involve a lawyer who will help you to interpret government laws concerning property ownership and sale.

These and more steps to setting up a real estate agency will give you a head start on how to run your business successfully. Hurry Now! Get the Complete and Updated Real Estate Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Study PDF

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