Mobile Food Vendor Business Plan in Nigeria

Mobile Food Vendor Business Plan in Nigeria

Mobile food vending business in Nigeria is about one of the oldest methods of selling food to the public. It is regarded as the oldest given the modalities involved in running the business.

Most people I know prefer that road side food due to the environment and a perceived freedom eating out brings.

Food is an important aspect of human existence, and as a business venture it can be described as one of the most lucrative business one can engage in. On the daily there are those who go out for their daily hustle without having the time to eat at home, these set of individuals must at one point or the other find something to eat, and that where the mobile food vendor comes in.

Reports has it that mobile food vendors are one of the most patronized food joint, if not the most patronized food joint in Nigeria today. While restaurants are well organized setting where food is sold, the mobile food vendor business owner takes his food to the door of the customers.

Major Customers Of The Mobile Food Vendor Business Plan in Nigeria

On How to Start A Food Cart Business, There are soft targets for food vending, most often, they are categorized into the following;

  • White collar job customer – these are usually the first on the list of targets for food vendors, they are that group of people who leave their respective homes as early as 6:00 am, they hardly have time for breakfast at home, hence they resort to patronizing the mobile food vendor, breakfast is not their only hour of meal, they also go for lunch and so go for take away for their dinner.
  • Students – I was once in this category, our vendor at the time was one beautiful Mama Chiamaka, she was neatly dressed and she comes out on time, plus her food is always delicious. Most of us student usually do not miss out on her food, at least in morning before heading out for your school activities. Her kind gesture attracted a whole lot of student to her food vending point
  • Bricklayers, Artisans etc – Most times it seems the food vending business was specifically built for this set of individuals; in fact some mobile food vendors usually pitch their tenth at various building sites where they can easily attract customers. Again these set of individuals can decide to have breakfast more than once, this is due to the nature of their job, working long hours in the day under the sun, the individual would need a well prepared meal to feed their appetite.

Things You Need To Start Mobile Food Vendor Business Plan in Nigeria

Every entrepreneur who wants to go into food vending need to have some things in place before start up, these things will go a long way in easing your business process; see below,

Source For Capital: Sourcing for capital is as important as starting the business in itself, every business requires start-up, capital, in situation where there is on start up fund, you can use one of the business plan to apply for fund from any bank, you can go for grant etc. The essence is to get your start up capital. With capital in hand you can commence your business plans.

Business Plan – Get yourself a business plan, you can either write a business plan yourself where you draft all that you’ll need for your new business, or you can buy from professionally written feasibility study. Buying a business plan is the easiest. See below,

The business plan contains well tailored information and it has specific details on the procedure and the implementation processes.

Business Site – Strategically setting up your business goes a long way in attracting the customers you need. Location is very important when starting up a mobile food vending business, select a location where you’ll have a lot of people, specifically at the market place, building site etc. Setting up in a location where you have people will go a long way in making your business grow quicker.

Employ Qualified Personnel: One of the major aspect of the business is the individual capacity of the people running the business. However, it is advisable to begin as a sole proprietor, run the business alone for a while, but as the business grows, you can start employing those who will help in the running of the business. It is also important you put into consideration the business size and then your potential market size before expanding.

Licensing & Business Registration: Every town has a body in charge of licensing, and before you are licensed, you are expected to meet some certain requirements, some of the things these licensing body will check includes the environment where the business is done and of cause food/health licensing which is done by (NAFDAC). Also ensure you register your business with the local union, this is to avoid any kind of embarrassment at your business location. Get your local government permit as well as other document that certifies you eligible.

Promote Your Business Through Advertising: This can easily be done via social media, since we are in the internet era, information about a business gets out much easier than it used to be, simply create your business pages on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or even WhatsApp, these social sites play huge role in promoting businesses.

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