How To Start Event Planning Business In Nigeria

How To Start Event Planning Business In Nigeria

How can I start event planning in Nigeria – This is one question most people ask especially when it comes to being their own boss, becoming an entrepreneur is closely the best option left for you to explore to that regard, and one business venture to try out whenever you come across this thought is trying out your hand in event planning or event management as it is corporately known as, the thing is that this business gives you a whole lot of responsibility.

If only you know what becoming an event manger entails, you will understand why many people are investing in the business venture, not just investing, but putting a whole lot of resources which includes huge financial commitment.

If you have the interest of becoming an event manager, and you have been asking questions on how to start event planning business in Nigeria, ask no more, this post will be concentrating on the basic things that you need to get started.

Let me begin by a way of introduction stress that event planning or event management is no kids play, it involves commitment by the business owner, it requires patience, it requires overlooking a lot of things that could get you angry and make you not to deliver, in fact you need to be psychologically strong to be able to run this business successfully, this is simply because of the calibre of people you get to be dealing with on each of the event you are scheduled to plan.

Mind you a rewarding aspect to all these is the fact that event planning or event management is very lucrative business that requires small capital to begin, note that the size of your own event planning company is determined by the amount invested and the calibre of customers you attract, you cannot compare a company started with say N100,000 with the one started with either N500,000 or N1,000,000, your capital determine your business size, I’ll also explain the indices that indicates how lucrative event management and planning is.

Why You Need An Event Planning Business Plan

Event planning has become serious business and many individuals are setting up companies that will handle the responsibility of handling your special event, the financial involvement entails you plan properly, which our event management business plan will help you do.

The event planning industry in Nigeria is becoming big as the days goes by, we have people travelling to different parts of to world for their special events, this simply shows that you need a plan to be able to penetrate and make a profitable venture out of your own investment, it is not enough to ask questions on how to become an event planner in Nigeria.

You should also ask question on how to become the best in the business, there are already the bigwigs of the industry, how do you break into this industry and become a stake holder?

This is why starting up with a business plan helps you to identify the weaknesses of other, which you can capitalise on and then build your brand. I’ve decided t make a short list of events you could be targeting, see below;

  • Birthday celebrations
  • Weddings (Traditional marriages and Reception for white weddings)
  • Marriage anniversaries
  • Burial ceremonies (Memorials)
  • Important corporate events as well as social events… etc

These events are special events that require an expert in event planning and event management, you really do not want to be the one that made a supposed memorable event become not so memorable.

How Lucrative Is Event Planning In Nigeria?

Questions like how to start event planning in Nigeria requires a technicality while answering, however, questions directed at how profitable event planning can be requires a very simple answer, and in this case, the answer is yes…

Here is why, Event planning has become big business in this country, the reason can be seen in our day to day activities, this is no day the one person or the other isn’t celebrating one achievement or the other, birthday celebrations happen every day, Marriage anniversaries’ is now becoming a norm, this is because most couple who didn’t have elaborate wedding at their wedding day want to compensate for that and then you have the Saturdays which is mostly for weddings.

The truth is that, these days weddings are now becoming expensive, people take their weddings to Dubai, Greece and South Africa as well as other beautiful countries, if you search how much does a wedding planner cost in Nigeria, you will understand how much people invest in their wedding, and these are people who aren’t even celebrities.

Wedding planning has become big business, so also planning for other celebration. So you see why don’t you take this opportunity and invest in this budding industry.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

Now you know that event planning is big business, now here are the basic things you need before you begin your journey;

Get Trained – Event planning isn’t just about setting up chairs and table, you need intangible skills like time management skills, ability to work when the pressure is heavily on you, and so many other qualities, now how do you get trained? You can register with any institute that train people in this regard, however, in the absence of any, you can join any reputable event planning company in your area, dedicate your time in learning everything that is to be learnt in the business, and you can also use this avenue to learn how to create goodwill with customers.

Specialize On A Niche – Event planning involves different aspect, you have the corporate events such as workshop, seminar, symposiums, exhibitions etc and then you have the social events which includes birthdays, weddings, anniversary celebrations etc you can start up with social event and then grow into corporate, you can still begin with the two, however, know your capacity.

Create Business Relationship – Event planning entails bringing others into play, there must be a synergy between you and other important contributors to the success of the event, you can begin to form these relationships while being trained. Aspect of event planning you must create relationship with includes;

  • The DJs
  • Security
  • MC (Emcee)
  • Sound Managers
  • Catering
  • Photographers
  • Escort and event ushers etc

Hire Help – For a business that is multidimensional, you need more than just one hand to thrive, you could hire and train at the same time, the essence is to have people that will help out on busy periods

Business Plan And Start Up fund – These are probably the first things you should get before taking any other step, in your business plan, you need to specify your business name which will be registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission for a fee, with your business plan in hand and your start up fund in place, you are good to go. Hopefully, this answers your question on How To Start Event Planning Business In Nigeria

To get the full On EVENT PLANNING click MANAGEMENT BUSINESS PLAN IN NIGERIA Feasibility Study PDF (Including The Financial Productions And All).

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