How To Start Computer Training Center In Nigeria

How To Start Computer Training Center In Nigeria

How to start a computer training institute in Nigeria – The world is no longer the way it used to be 20 years ago, a step back into the past again, you will remember how things used to be, no phones, no internet, no social media, no social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp messenger and even Facebook messenger.

With the life we live today, most people will hardly survive a month without these gadgets that has made life very easy. It started gradually and today we are in the era where nothing really can be done with the use of a computer system.

The computer age came us as fast as a thunderbolt, these devices are now used in every aspects of our lives, it started with the old desktop, and then we moved to the period when laptop was everything, we are now in the era of palm top, in fact everyone has one, either in tablet form or in a mobile phone.

In every aspects of our lives, computer has in one way or the other been infused into it, from banking business which used to be manual, every bank today use the computer system to easy work such as filing, and then telecommunication, entertainment, media (cable television), schools, medicine as well other important aspect of our lives.

People started asking questions as to how to start computer training center in Nigeria due to the importance attached to computer. The significant of computer in this jet age can never be over emphasized, since everything patterning to our lives has been computerized, no wonder people are now asking the questions on how to start computer training center in Nigeria.

The reasons for these questions can be attributed to the high level of computer illiteracy, in a country of over 180 million people, a large number from that population know little or next to nothing on computer operation, now you see why one of the main queries on Google is how to start a computer training center in Nigeria.

Actually, this is a challenge in itself, the workforce should at least have a basic knowledge of some these gadget, that is why most employers of labor will always add computer knowledge as an added advantage, the truth is that an applicant who doesn’t know how to operate a computer might miss out on job opportunities.

These setbacks can be regarded as a gap in computer literacy, to fill a gap, you must provide solutions, one way of achieving this is through setting up of a center where computer training can be done. The question now is who and who needs this computer training?

Who Needs This Computer Training?

I remember when this computer madness started, I told A friend that a time is coming when everything that involves mankind will require impute from computer, he didn’t take it serious, at best he said, Nigeria will be late on it, considering how backward Nigeria was 20 years ago, it is today amazing that Nigeria has caught up with most advanced countries when it comes to infusing computer into our works of life, the question now is after asking and getting answers to your request on how to start computer training center in Nigeria, who now needs this computer training?

The Student – I will be frank here, a student who doesn’t have computer knowledge will definitely be out of touch. These days most school activities are done with the use of a computer system, most especially assignments, as a post graduate student myself, the computer training I had in 2006 has been useful all these years, I practically so my assignments myself since I have the knowledge of MS word, MS excel and power point, the later is mostly used for presentation. I was actually helping other students with their assignments, and I was duly paid for it too.

Teachers/Lecturers – As much as the student needs this computer training for their personal use, teachers as well as lecturers needs it even much more. How do you research for more information on a course title, seminar work, papers etc with the knowledge on how to use the computer?

Other category of professionals who needs this computer training includes the following;

  • Doctors
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Bankers
  • Accountants etc

If you notice, these are basically everything about our lives, now why won’t you at least register to be trained?

Steps To Take While Planning On Starting Your Computer Training school;

Start Up Capital – How do you start a business without at least raising a meaningful amount? You need your capital to be in place in order not to be stranded when you eventually start the set up. If raising capital is an issue, you can apply for soft loan using our well written business plan on how to start a computer training center in Nigeria.

Get The Necessary Information On The Business – Information is power, this phrase is as true as it can be, I once had a man who call me to request for business plan on transportation business, he specifically told me he knows nothing about transportation business and that he wants to have some information on the business before the people who wants him to invest in the business approaches him again. Information on a business gets you closer to achieving your business success.

Business Registration Procedure – For a business to become a legal entity in Nigeria, it has to be registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission, after having your business registered you will be licensed to use the registered name and your business becomes a legal entity having a legal backing.

Get A Business plan – This should actually be the first thing on the table, here you will outline your business operations, business set up as well as your business structure. During my computer training period, the institute had a their training such as the one below;

We had a three categories of training, they are as follows;

  • Six months trainings – Which includes training in all the packages available, this is the one I had, I had trainings on MS word, Ms Excel, MS Power point, Corel draw etc, in 5 months, I was already an expert in all.
  • Three months trainings – This covers for the basic packages such as MS word, Ms Excel and Corel draw. A fast learner will be able to learn within two months, however, three months is for mastery.
  • One month training – This is basically for individuals who work in offices, the packages were designed to help you understand how to use MS word and MS Excel. These are packages mainly use at offices.

The essence is to ensure that every aspect is touched and interested individuals are limited using the packages on offer as an excuse. Your business should make it clear what your services are.

Skill Acquisition – You should at least know how to operate a computer to be able to be able to run a computer training institute. Get the skills, so that you can easily transfer your knowledge to others.

Employ Experienced Personnel – Getting capable hands will actually make the job a lot more easier, these experience computer literate can actually join in teaching your students.

Location – Pick the best location, example of a location is school environment, central area which can be accessed by all. choosing a will go along way.

Advertisement – Most times the best adverts your business can get is through your competent services rendered, you will have people telling others about your amazing services.

NOTE – The financial plans as well as the financial projections on our business plan, reflects an estimated figures which is based on the current market prices for the business you intend to invest in, this should give you an idea as to how the prices are and how much to invest.

See here to access the full Computer Training School Business Plan in Nigeria PDF Feasibility Study

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