Hospital Business plan In Nigeria

Hospital Business plan In Nigeria PDF FILE 2024

Executive Summary

How to Start a Hospital Business in Nigeria – It is no longer a big deal when discussion of healthcare issues are discussed and a conclusion is made with the emphasis on the inefficiency of hospitals in Nigeria. The truth is that this has continued to be the case right from the days of the colonial masters.

One would think that the country becoming independent will help enhance the health care system, instead we all have become witnesses to the steady decline in the health care system, the gap to cover is increasing on a daily basis, doctors are migrating to the places where they believe they will be better treated, now apart from having a very few facility that could take care of an estimated 200 million people.

We also have a situation with inadequate facilities in most of the hospitals in the country, you remember when the president’s wife and his daughter complained that the clinic at the government house in Abuja was under funded, now imagine what will be happening in at the state level if the gross incompetence could be tolerated at the federal level, this really shouldn’t be a reason to despair, it is actually a reason for jubilation if you are an entrepreneur.

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While others see problems in situations like this, you should see solution, with the right plans and strategies; you could be the next big thing in the health care system of the country. if countries in the caliber of United State of America, Great Britain, Germany are looking to improve their health care system, we that are afar off should at least strive to measure up the much we can.

Most first world countries world would have the same issues as us if presented with the same health care problems, however, the question is how do you go about fixing it since it has been there from inception, that is when you start asking relevant questions like, as an individual how do you start hospital business in Nigeria, what are the procedure in registering a private hospital in Nigeria, can an individual who is a nurse own a hospital in Nigeria, what are the requirements for setting up a clinic or a hospital in Nigeria, how do you set up a private hospital business in Nigeria, this and many more, owing it to the many issues and challenges the country’s health care system is facing, it is safe to suggest that the Nigerian health care system has been stretched and could hardly meet up with its daily obligation to taking care of individuals who are in need of health services.

It is even complicating because most of the health facility where you get close to a world class health services is at the private clinics, however, they are mostly expensive, what is then the need of health care if the people who needs it the most can afford it. For individuals interested in closing the gap in the health sector, how then do they go about it? this is where a hospital business plan in Nigeria comes into play, one may ask, why do I need a hospital business plan in Nigeria before I can set up a hospital in Nigeria, writing a business plan will be you an insight on how to go about setting up a clinic in Nigeria, you get to choose and monitor important things such as knowing the number of beds you will need for your hospital, the requirement to own a hospital, the name to choose which will not be the same with any other hospital out there, you as well know the number of staff to have, Doctors, nurses, cleaners etc the number of ambulance to buy etc.

Hospital business is a capital intensive business, an estimated amount of up 50 million Naira (N50,000,000) should an ideal start up capital, as such needs a well written business plan should be in place in order not to miss manage the fund.

How To Get A Hospital Business Plan

There are several options available to you if you are in need of a business plan, like Ii said earlier, the hospital business plan in Nigeria will help you out in many respect, you wouldn’t want to mismanage your huge start up capital, hence the need for a business plan, below are a few options available to you;

Hire An Expert – There are experts who could write a hospital business plan for you for a fee, they will also include the estimated financing, this makes it a lot more easier to finance your project, business plan with a financial project will amount to a total waste of time and on the long run a total waste of your start up capital, you might even end up becoming frustrated with the wasted effort and money.

Buy A Business Plan – There already written business plans in our vault, these business plans where written by experts and are regularly updated to meet up with the market demand and conditions. Our hospital business plan in Nigeria contains an executive summary, introduction, market analysis, competitor’s analysis, financial projections, etc.

NOTE – Here are a few things you could use your business plan for;

  • Apply for banks loans
  • Used as business proposals
  • Used in application for grants
  • Used for proper academic research etc

How to Start A Hospital Business In Nigeria

How do you go about starting your own private hospital in Nigeria, here are a factors you should consider, before going ahead with the plan, see below;

Have A Capital – I stated earlier that hospital business is a capital intensive one; hence you need to have the fund in place or a means of funding the venture. Having the required fund for the hospital project is as good as having the job done.

Choose A Name And Logo – Hospitals are known for their unique names and logo, this should as well be a priority, people should be able to recognize your logo, they should be able to easily remember your hospitals name. also note that most individuals are particular with names.

Location – Location is very important, this is because of emergency situation, you should be easily located, accessed by all and must be easily recognized. Also take note of other hospitals in the area while setting up, to many hospitals in one area is not ideal.

Getting Required Hospital Building – Hospitals are delicate since it has to deal with issues relating to health, the hospital building must meet the requirements proposed by Ministry of health as well as other regulatory bodies in charge of matters concerning hospital buildings.

Utility Supply – This makes reference to water supply and power supply, both are essentially important in the running of the hospital, in situation where water is unavailable and power is epileptic, you could provide for yourself by drilling a borehole and buying a big Lister generator.

Registration And Licensing – Every business in Nigeria is required to undergo registration to be recognized as a legal entity, to do that visit the Corporate affairs Commission in your state for this purpose, also obtain the necessary license as well as permit for setting up a hospital from the appropriate bodies in charge.

Staff Recruitment – You could make use of experienced recruiters, a recruitment agency can help you in this regard. However, ensure that the people employed are qualified, not just academically but those who have attributes of hospitality.

Hurry Now! Get the Updated Hospital Business plan In Nigeria feasibility study PDF (Including The Financial Projections), pay N20,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Account Name – Okite Joseph ikenna

Account No – 0044083736

Once payment is made for the Hospital Business plan In Nigeria feasibility study PDF, send the following (i) a valid email address and (ii) your payment details to any of these numbers – 07039768549.

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