Grasscutter Farming Business Plan in Nigeria

Grasscutter Farming Business Plan in Nigeria (2024 Sample)

In Nigeria today, I can virtually name over a hundred farming business you can successfully run with a business plan and a well planned out strategies. The thing is that most people limit their agricultural skill to just poultry farming, pig farming, fish farming, goat farming or even other livestock farming. However, there are loads of other farming activities unknown to many people that can earn them as much money. And one of such is the grasscutter farming, truly this is not one of the most common livestock farm products, however, this is Africa and Nigeria precisely where most people go to restaurants to actually request for bush meat.

In recent years most Restaurant business now add bush meat in their menu not only that day, we now have live stock farming who are now going into grasscutter farming business. At first I never thought anyone would go into a restaurant to request for such, in fact these days some people can’t go a full day without having a taste of the bush meat treat. Things has evolved so much that we now have dedicated joints where various type of bush meat are sold, and usually grasscutter is usually on top of the food chain in such places.

Farming grasscutter has become big business that it will be great to have a grasscutter farming business plan in Nigeria. I have come to a realization that Nigerians do not just consume the conventional meat food anymore, food such as beef, chicken, goat meat, turkey etc, people (customers) now make demand for bush meat particularly grass cutter, in fact there is usually a special order for it, especially if the grass cutter is still fresh from the bush, my cousin knows all the joint where these bush meat are made, although I have turned down offers to joint in the merriment, he however, told me that grasscutter is the best meat God ever made.

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Imagine his submission, how can grass cutter be sweeter than chicken, goat meat, beef or even pig meat, I asked? You see, he is probably not the only one in this boat, ever heard of “intelligent meat”? Yeah! He said grasscutter is intelligent, that the funny side of this, my point is, there is a wide acceptance to the bush meat trend and it is not going away any time soon.

Now to stress how these guys love their bush meat, take for example, during outbreak of Ebola and Lassa fever, it was believed that these deadly diseases were caused by consumption of bush meat, but you know what? A personal survey showed that bush meat consumption increased during this period; to them it goes beyond just eating bush meat.


A grasscutter is also known as the “Great Cane rat“. I call it the senior cousin of rats; it can best be described as a rodent. Physically it has those features you would see on a rat but has spikey hair which makes it look different. At maturity a grass cutter should grow at an approximate 720mm in length. The thing is that when reared properly, grass cutter can grow efficiently; this is why you would need a grasscutter business plan in Nigeria to help you set up this lucrative business.

How Lucrative Is Grasscutter Business?

In livestock farming, one of the things is that you must consider as a measurement yardstick for profit is the growth rate of your livestock and how fast they can reproduce, especially when there is a limited time. It has been estimated that Pigs has the fastest growth rate when compared to others, also their level of reproduction can also be considered, it could be debated, that explain’s the reason why many people are into Pig farming business.

In the case of grass cutter, there is a high rate of reproduction which usually happens once or twice in every year. Pregnancy is estimated to lasts for at least five months, usually between three to ten grass cutter comes from each pregnancy, it could more, but at maturity a grasscutter is sold for about N3,000 to N7,000, basically it depends on the size and then the bargaining power of either the buyer or the seller.

These rodents grow rapidly with an estimated body length and height at 50 and 60, 30 and 45 centimetre respectively. Also another point to note is that there is a high demand for grass cutter since it is consumed all the time, and it is under supplied since this kind of meat are only available during the dry season, hence the need to quickly set up a grasscutter farm business. The best way to go about this is getting a well written grasscutter business plan in Nigeria.

Writing A Business Plan For Grass Cutter farm Business  

Here are some of the information that you should include in your grasscutter business plan, however, you can still get your grass cutter business plan from this platform while you get your capital ready to begin the setting up process;

  • Business Description – You have established that the type of livestock production you want to engage in is the grass cutter farm type, now illustrate the step by step procedure you want to adopt to grow your business.
  • Operational Cost – Discuss how many grass cutters you wish to start with, for example (16 females and 4 males) could be your starting point, you can always expand as the business grows, also discuss the feeding etc.
  • Marketing Procedure – There are different methods most people use in the marketing of their livestock products, I have seen most people display there’s along the highways, that is the most irresponsible way of marketing these products, because when you buy such, you expose yourself too danger.
  • Competitive analysis – Who are your competition, what are you doing to outsell them, what strategy are you willing to employ to continuously be ahead of your competitors , these and more you must outline here.
  • Financial Projection – It includes financial projection for the number of grasscutters you are willing to invest on, also carry out the financial analysis for stocking and fattening the grasscutter… etc

In conclusion, grasscutter farming business has come to stay and it will be wise to invest now that the demand is higher than the supply of this delicate livestock. And you can actually get the well written grasscutter farming business plan in Nigeria from us.

Hurry Now! Get the Complete and Updated Grasscutter Farming Business Plan in Nigeria, pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Account Name – Okite Joseph ikenna

Account No – 0044083736

Once payment is made for the Grasscutter Farming Business Plan in Nigeria, send the following (i) a valid email address and (ii) your payment details to any of these numbers – 07039768549 or 0701232341

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