Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business In Nigeria

Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business In Nigeria 2024 PDF Sample | Feasibility Study

Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business In Nigeria – Cooking gas is essentially one of the most essential home needs, and of cause for those who do not require kerosene to prepare their meals.

The cooking gas also known as the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) business is one business that has been thriving in Nigeria, and with the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)/cooking gas filling plant business plan & feasibility study you can set up a plant and start running your own business.

Starting a personal LPG Cooking gas plant business in Nigeria can be profiting as much as it is rewarding. It comes with financial commitment and extra work ethic. This PDF file (MS word document) is a comprehensive Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business Plan, it has the complete information that you will need to setting up your own LGP filling plant in Nigeria using the gas station business plan doc.

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What To Use Your Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business In Nigeria PDF file For

The Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business In Nigeria pdf file can do much more than just planning a business, it can be used for other things as will be listed below, below are what you can do with your Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business plan feasibility study;

  • You can apply for a business Grant using this business plan/feasibility study
  • You can secure Bank Loans for your business or start up capital
  • You can use it as a business proposal writing to a cooking gas firm in order to either obtain loans or use an already established cooking gas company name (as franchise).
  • Information contained in this feasibility study can serve as a reference to publishable academic project work, seminar paper etc.
  • Information contained in this business plan can serve as your model for business or your business concept.

While growing up, there was this little misconception we had about cooking gas, the popular believe back then was that cooking gas is specifically meant for the rich folks, and that getting one and maintaining it cost a whole lot of money. Well, in all honesty, cooking gas is actually one of the cheapest means of cooking your meals, take for example, the average price of a litre of kerosene cost’s N305.55k, while a the price of cooking gas per kg goes for N336 (price is not stable), although the price of gas is a bit higher, however, the 1kg gas will last you for up to three to four days compared to 1 litre of kerosene that might not be enough for a day.

No wonder the market for Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business plan In Nigeria is huge and will always accommodate more dealers, in Enugu (Coal City) alone, Cooking Gas (LPG) business Plant should number a little above 60 outlets. Most filling stations are adding it to their products.  A little research on the viability of the business will tell you that it is a viable venture, one that will bring you returns. These days almost every family use cooking gas in their homes and demands keeps increasing as many new homes are either getting a new cooking gas or they are upgrading the one they have already.

Thanks to the government, these days cooking gas has become more affordable, hence the notion of cooking gas being for the rich is no longer there. In major city centres, a landlord will not build his house and then make provision for wood and kerosene methods of cooking, majority of the houses I’ve been to in Enugu, Abuja and Lagos, Landlords now make provision for cooking gas in their kitchens.

Now, let me assure you that with a body like the NLNG in charge, your business continuity is assured. Coming to the market and customer base, Nigeria has an estimated population of 180 million people, out of this number only 1.8 million of the population make use of cooking gas, that is about 10% of the (10 per cent) of the entire population. This simply means that the market has barely been scratched. More people are going with the option of cooking gas, even in the rural areas, cooking gas is becoming the most viable option there.

Factors to Consider Before Setting Up A Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business In Nigeria

A brief look at the possible challenges as well as factors you must consider before you start investing into the Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business using the gas station business plan doc, see factors below;

Start Up Capital – Every business requires a start up capital, most times you may not have the required fund to start your business, you can actually go for a loan using the Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business plan pdf, or you can apply for a loan using the feasibility study. In all, you need to have your start up capital in place.

Research – Getting adequate information on the cooking gas business is very important, it exposes you to information such as the market viability, the level of demand as against supply, the possibility of more people choosing the cooking gas option, the competition and also you get to know how to start, where to start and how much to invest.

Write A Business Plan – Haven achieved the two above, you can go ahead to write a business plan, that is if you know how to, writing a business plan for your business, this entails you have all the necessary information required. You can as well contract a professional to write one for you or follow the easiest of them all, buy one of our Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business plan, they are written by professionals who updates the information therein from time to time.

Business Registration – You can now proceed with the registration of your business, of cause, there are procedures to follow. However, to begin with, go to the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) office in the state where you reside and register, since their office is situated in every state of the federation, you can opt for their online option by visiting their platform.

Trading Equipment – You need your gas hardware equipment to begin with, these equipment refers to different sizes of cylinders, precisely here are the types of cylinder to buy;

  • 5kg cylinders
  • 5 kg cylinders
  • 20kg cylinders
  • 45kg cylinders
  • 90kg cylinders

Depending on the space in your shop, you can get two 5kg cylinders, fifteen 12.5kg cylinders, five 20 kg cylinders and 45kg cylinders and then maybe one 90kg cylinder, use your initiative to determine what can enter your shop .

Buying Your Cylinders – Since cylinders are in the center of the business, you can actually get them from a reliable cooking gas supplier, they sell the best (both new and old). Buying from them also helps your course as you will be building a business relationship and goodwill. And then organised transport that will move your gas from the supplier to your shop.

Location – Where site this business is equally important, it is advisable to site your Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business in a densely populated area. You know why? Most times gas finishes without warning and the customer might not be mobile to travel a long distance in order to buy cooking gas, you become an automatic option. Having your business in such area guarantees you constant customers on a daily basis, you can include additional services such as home delivery, cylinder servicing etc

Skill Acquisition – This part is one of the most important part of this business, this is a high risk business were any slightest mistake will result into inferno. Training can be acquired through other established cooking gas plants, these are the things you must focus on through your skill acquisition period;

  • How to change valves
  • How to connect gas cylinders to other type gas cookers
  • Know how and where to buy gas
  • Learn how to differentiate between high and low quality LPG gas

These skills and more will make you stand out in the business.

Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business In Nigeria PDF Table Of Content

  • Page
  • Introduction & Terms of Reference
  • Executive Summary
  • Nature of Gas plant Business Plan/Feasibility Study
  • Direct Cost & Operational Expenses
  • Revenue
  • Expenditure/Capital Cost
  • Plant Operation/List of Equipment
  • Shares Capital
  • Organization & Management
  • Projected Balance Sheet
  • Profitability Projection
  • Cash Flow Projection
  • Calculation of Loan Repayment & Interest
  • Notes to Accounts & Projection

Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business In Nigeria PDF List Of Tables

  • Calculation of Monthly Loan Repayment, Processing Fees, Management
  • Fees and Interest
  • Fixed Asset and Depreciation Computation
  • Direct Cost Estimate for years
  • Operational Cost for years

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GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Account Name – Okite Joseph ikenna

Account No – 0044083736

Once payment is made for the Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business In Nigeria PDF | Feasibility Study, send the following info (i) a valid email address and (ii) your payment details to any of these numbers – 07039768549.

NOTE – It is important to note that the Business Plan for Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business In Nigeria | Feasibility Study PDF will immediately be sent to the email address you’ve provided after your payment has been confirmed.(Soft copy only).

An Executive Summary Of This Business Plan

The Cooking Gas Plant has to be fully registered business with license to operate in the designated environment, which could be anywhere in the country. The main services and products on offer at our place of business for our highly esteemed customers includes a standard cooking gas. Other business ventures which we engage in includes sales of gas cookers, sale of cooking gas cylinders, also other gas cooker accessories like burners etc we also handle repairs and gas cooker servicing.

We are open to the use of latest technology in the cooking gas plants industry. No doubt our excellent customer service and the range of additional complementary services we offer will position us to become one of the most preferred cooking gas plants in town. Researching and defining our markets, strategies, mission and financials will provide insight and prepare the owner to successfully run the cooking gas.

The Cooking Gas Plants industry over the years has experienced a modest amount of volatility. As a matter of fact, as more Nigerians switch from kerosene stoves to gas cookers, the demand for cooking gas also increase. So also, as per capital disposable income continued to increase, some household, even people in a smaller apartment would choose to go for gas cooker even if it is camp gas as against settling for the not too pleasant coal stove or kerosene gas.

Just like other industry, the cooking gas plants industry has also experienced its fair share of ups and downs over the last five years. As a result of restiveness in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria and also the recent fall in global oil and gas prices. The industry is known to employ several thousands of people. There are no cooking gas plant companies that can boast of having the lion share in the Nigeria market; the industry is pretty much open for competitions. Although the cooking gas plants industry can be said to be a competitive industry, but it does not in any way stop entrepreneurs who are creative and financially capable to still make headway in the industry. It is indeed a profitable industry especially when the business is well located.

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